The May long weekend is behind us and it's starting to feel a lot like summer. Some of my favourite summer memories are of taking road trips with my family while on vacation. Seeing the beauty of Canada started a love for our country that continues to this day. 

Latest from Lantsman - May 24, 2024


The May long weekend is behind us and it's starting to feel a lot like summer. 


Some of my favourite summer memories are of taking road trips with my family while on vacation. Seeing the beauty of Canada started a love for our country that continues to this day. 


I bet you have similar memories with your family, too. But after 9 years of Justin Trudeau and his costly coalition, even these precious experiences are being robbed from Canadians. 


Thanks to record-high gas prices and inflation, record numbers of families can't afford to fuel up their cars - let alone take time off of work to have some rest. 


Common-sense Conservatives are calling for a summer-long gas tax holiday - exempting the GST, carbon tax, and excise tax from the cost of a litre of gas. This would reduce the cost of gas by over 30 cents per litre, providing much-needed relief to hard-hit families. 


And, when we're elected - we'll axe the tax for good and end the inflationary spending so that you can get by. 


Until that happens, we'll continue the hard work to hold this government accountable while proposing our ideas to give Canadians the break they deserve. Have a look at some of that work below. 



Melissa Lantsman
Member of Parliament for Thornhill
Deputy Leader of Canada's Conservatives 


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Working Hard in the GTA

It was my honor to once again spend some time with Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi.

He discussed a path forward for a free and democratic Iran. I made clear that high-ranking IRGC agents are welcomed with open arms in Canada and they must be banned to protect Canadians. Conservatives will ban the IRGC terrorists and we will continue to support a free Iran.

Am Yisrael Chai. Am Yisrael Chai. Am Yisrael Chai.

Yom Ha’atzmaut Sameach! Thank you to Mizrachi Canada for having me to celebrate.

Chatted with Zachary Ronski on his podcast about tech, life, and the Conservative movement + our plan to bring Common Sense back to Canada.

Watch this space for the convo.

Talking all things tech, growth, economy and talent today at Xanadu HQ in Toronto with my friend & MP, Ryan Williams. 

Thanks to CEO Christian Weedbrook for showing me around HQ and to the CCI team and participants for the awesome discussion about competition, innovation & growth.

Spent the morning with a great group of students at Rosedale Heights PS in Thornhill. They had some really 🔥 questions about Canada, the government, and and how it all works. Future is bright.

I visited the Improve Centre to chat with local entrepreneurs about business and the economy - in Thornhill and across the country.

It’s local business like these that will be on the frontlines of building the homes 🇨🇦 needs, and they’re excited to bring common sense back & bring it home. 🏠

A great evening spent with the Canadian Iranian community in Vaughan with His Excellency Reza Pahlavi.

Conservatives will always stand for a free and democratic Iran. At home we’ll keep Canadians safe by banning the IRGC terrorists once and for all, to stop them from laundering the money they stole from the people of Iran, from organizing and from exporting their terror into 🇨🇦

Justin Trudeau and his Liberals finally called the by-election for Toronto—St. Paul’s. Took a shift and knocked on some doors for our Conservative candidate Don Stewart. 

Send the Prime Minister a message and vote for Common Sense 🇨🇦

A 🔥🔥🔥 evening in Oakville with activist Rudy Rochman and the leader of JEFA Tamara Gotelib — moderated by my friend Greg Brady.

When 🇨🇦 & the 🌎 seem like a dark and dangerous place, we need rays of light of hope for communities everywhere. Thank you to organizers Daniel and Karen, & Shareii-Beth El congregation for making this happen.

So great spending time with my friend Anna Roberts MP this weekend and chatting with our neighbours from Vaughan, King, and Woodbridge.

Voters in the City of Vaughan, like millions of others across the country, are tired of the NDP-Liberal reckless policies and chaos in our community. After the next election, Vaughan-Woodbridge will finally have a voice in Ottawa.

Special thanks to Castello Ristorante for having us and to everyone who came out to support change! 🔥

Working Hard in Ottawa

Everyone knows the Prime Minister’s MO. No position is a position and it’s the wrong position.

My Thoughts on the ICC

Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, a human rights NGO in Geneva, Switzerland, visited the hill. An online friend live and in person. Thanked him for his tireless work calling out the despots and dictators every single day.

The call is coming from inside of the house. Anti-racism training that doesn’t include antisemitism in the government of Canada might be your first problem 🤔

Watch Here

Ideological nonsense has replaced merit in Canada’s medical schools. Do you want a doctor who is the best or the most woke?

Watch Here

9 years. 3 new reports. 0 change.

How many more people have to go hungry for the government to take some responsibility and fix the problem?

How many?

On the Road

I was in Whitehorse with my good friend Lianne Rood where one thing was clear. They have had enough of this costly coalition government. I heard from all that they are ready to 🪓 Axe the tax 🏠 Build the Homes 🔧 Fix the Budget 🛑 Stop the Crime

Proud to attend and speak at the Association of Yukon Communities where I delivered the common sense Conservative message on behalf of Pierre Poilievre and Canada’s Conservatives. We will support you and we heard you loud and clear: we will 🪓 the tax.

Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut in #Montreal bringing the common sense strength 💪 from Pierre Poilievre alongside my friends Senator Leo Housakos and Fredricton’s candidate Brian MacDonald.

What a 🔥🔥🔥 welcome from MTL!
Am Yisrael Chai! 🇨🇦🇮🇱

Lantsman in the News

After nine years, the costly coalition forces Canadians to cancel their summer vacations as the NDP-Libera tax-and-spend agenda has made even a simple road trip unaffordable. The Liberals think Canadians have never had it better and the NDP just calls everyone names. 🤡

On CTV's Power Play

That's everything that's happening in my world. I'll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest. 

And, if you want to save 30 cents on a litre of gas this summer, please consider making a small donation:

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Yours truly, 

Melissa Lantsman