Latest from Lantsman Special Edition - Review of '22



The new year is here and it's the perfect time to reflect on everything we accomplished in 2022.

Please enjoy this special edition of Latest from Lantsman: a "review of '22"! 

Know that everything we achieved was thanks to your dedication and support. Not only is this newsletter a look back - but it's also a message of appreciation and a reminder of how important you are to the cause. 

Thank you to everyone in our community and those across the country who want to see a better, more prosperous, and competitive Canada. 

I wish you all the best in 2023 and I know that with your help, we will make this year the best one yet. 

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It's hard to put together everything we did into one newsletter - but here are some highlights from 2022. 

- Melissa Lantsman

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The Value of Your Support

To start, I'd like to list just some of the things that your generous support helped us accomplish this year: 

Canada's House of Commons erupts after Trudeau accuses Jewish MP of  supporting swastikas | Fox News

We held pub nights to connect with people in our community and to reach out to new voters across the GTA in places like Burlington and Willowdale. 

We ran an internship program in Thornhill (above) and in Ottawa (below) to provide opportunities and education to the next generation of leaders in our community. 

We put on other events in Thornhill, like our first community skate. 

Moving forward, your support will allow us to host even more pub nights, interns in our offices, and community events. It'll help us reach out to new communities and voters, not only in the GTA, but across Canada. And most importantly, it'll help us on the road to accomplishing the most important task: victory in the next election. 

New Horizons

It was a year of change for many of us, going all the way to the top of the Conservative Party. Not only did we get a new leader, but I also got a new job! Take a look at some of the highlights below. 

In February, our party embarked on a journey to select a new leader. I was proud to have been on Pierre Poilievre's team since day 1. 

In September, I was promoted to be Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party alongside my friend MP Tim Uppal, working to elect Pierre as our Prime Minister. 

Pierre got a great reception from our community when he visited Thornhill in August!

Working for you in the House of Commons...

You probably saw me speaking a lot in the House of Commons this year, whether it be on Facebook or Instagram, on the news, or maybe on CPAC. Being in Parliament to advocate for you is a huge part of what I do. 

In fact, during the last session of Parliament, I stood up to speak 237 times, made 134 comments in committee, and voted 235 times - all on behalf of the people of Thornhill. 


Thanks to OpenParliament - here are my favourite words of 2022. 

...Across Canada...

I didn't just travel to Ottawa this year. In fact, I travelled from coast to coast to meet firsthand with the people who are hurting from years of Justin Trudeau's policies. One thing was clear - it's time for a Conservative government to put Canada back on track. 

In Sarnia with my colleague MP Marilyn Gladu. 

At the Port of Delta, British Columbia 

With colleagues at the Chignecto Isthmus, Nova Scotia

Visiting the Winnipeg Airports Authority alongside MP Marty Morantz

At the Calgary Stampede with Israel's Ambassador to Canada, Ronen Hoffman

...and in Thornhill

Of course, the core of being your MP is being right here in the community. It's my favourite part of the job, getting to meet with thousands of constituents. Here are some highlights: 

Despite the federal backlogs, we helped thousands of constituents get their passports through passport clinics and through our work in the community. 

Our Platinum Jubilee Pins were a great chance to connect with leaders in the community and thank them for their work.

Pictured: Kathy Laszlo, Executive Director of DANI. 

I hosted my first Canada Day celebration as your MP. Thanks to all who came out - can't wait to do it again next year! 

Standing up for What Matters

I spoke above about my activities in Parliament and in the community. But what are some of the big issues we tackled? Take a look below:

Standing up against vindictive, out-of-touch, and non-sensical Covid policies was a huge part of my year. 

Together, we ended the vaccine mandates, scrapped the ArriveCan App, and stopped mandatory masking. 

The Iranian Revolution was another big story of 2022 - and I'm proud to have supported the movement from the beginning. The work continues in the new year, but we've successfully pushed the government to be a stronger voice and a stronger ally on behalf of all those who want to see a freer world. 

The fight against the oldest hatred continues - and we do it by sharing our light, not by spreading darkness. 

With record acts of violence at home and continued resistance abroad, there's so much more to do - but I won't be intimidated. 

A highlight of 2022 was joining our leader, Pierre Poilievre, for Chanukah on the Hill. 

Travel delays: Conservatives want to do away with restrictions | CTV News

Not only did the Liberals give free money to notorious anti-Semite Laith Marouf, but they continued to fund other dangerous publications with taxpayer dollars. They also welcomed a known Holocaust denier to Parliament. Let's be clear - this is a pattern. Repeated oversights, refusals to act, and half-measures show who the Liberals really are. I'll be spending 2023 making sure Canadians know that too. 

I joined events throughout the year standing with people fighting for freedom in Ukraine - I was supported here by my biggest fan, Ed Lantsman.

Learning from the Best

One of the biggest high points of the year: when I visited the Calgary Stampede, I got a chance to get some wise advice from one of the best - and to thank him for his continued support.

Coming Up

Let's not just look back, let's look forward! There are already lots of things coming up in our community this new year. Here's a few of them:

Join me on January 29th, 2023 for my annual community skate! Free entry for all at the Rosemount Community Centre. 

The Canada Summer Jobs 2023 application period is now open and employers can apply until 2:59 pm on January 12, 2023.