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Behind The Scenes: Thornhill's Voice in Ottawa

Want to know what your MP is doing in Thornhill and Ottawa?

Check out what Melissa is working on day in and day out!



Meet Melissa

About Melissa Lantsman

Melissa Lantsman was born and raised in Thornhill. She is a community advocate, volunteer. Before elected office she was one of Canada’s most sought-after public affairs executives.

Melissa is the Member of Parliament for Thornhill. She was appointed shadow minister of transport after her successful 2021 election. She was elected vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. She currently serves on the caucus leadership team and is head of outreach.

Melissa has served as a communications leader in high-profile positions across the most senior ranks of the federal government and in the private sector. Throughout her career, she’s led high-stakes campaigns and provided strategic advice, media-training, debate prep and speech coaching to political leaders and senior executives across Canada.

She is a well-known commentator in Canada on political strategy and communications. She appears regularly on TV, hosted her own weekly radio show on the Bell Talk Radio Network and her columns have been featured in Canada’s largest circulation newspapers.

Melissa is a graduate of the University of Toronto and is fluent in English, French and Russian.

She served on the boards of Michael Garron Hospital, Hot Docs Film Festival, The Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee and Jewish Addiction Community services (JACS).


Question - What did Justin Trudeau do to end the chaos at our Airports?

(hint)..he created chaos at Passport Canada


Click here to watch how -



Have you seen the chaos happening at our passport offices right now? 

Across the country, people are lining up. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And after they finish waiting to apply for a passport, they get to wait for months on end to have their passports shipped to them. 

Families who applied in March are still waiting. People are camping outside of Passport Canada offices, just hoping to be able to make it inside. The lines there start at 3 A.M. College students are offering to stand in line in place of applicants for $35/hour. 

Is this the standard of basic government services in this country? 

Just like the Transport Minister blamed "out-of-practice" travelers for delays, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Social Development blamed

Canadians for not checking the expiry dates on their passports. Her boss cited mail-in applications with errors as the source of delays. 

So -- no staffing shortage, no surge, and no other factors. 

What's to blame? 

Incompetence, pure and simple. 

The Liberals have given up on governing, and we see it everywhere - sky-high housing prices, the rapidly rising cost of living, alarming crime rates, and immigration applications that take years to process. And they want to blame you for their ineptitude instead of taking action. Rest assured, I'm on your side and I'm here to serve you.  

Email me and tell me about your passport, immigration, and airport experiences:

[email protected]

In your service,

Melissa Lantsman