After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, it feels like Canada is broken.

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, it feels like Canada is broken.


Family budgets are broken and we've never paid more to heat our homes. Our bail system is broken and crime rates have skyrocketed. Our government services, they don't work for Canadians either.


Another thing that's broken: our ethics laws.


This week, the Ethics Commissioner found that for the sixth time, a senior Liberal broke the law.


Yet every time someone powerful breaks the laws in Ottawa, it's the same. It's always just an apology. Never accountability.


There are never any consequences.


We're going to keep working to hold the Liberals to account in Ottawa and we're going to keep working to bring transparency back to our politics. Our ethics laws. Our bail systems. Our government services. Everything.


We're going to bring back hope to Canada.


Melissa Lantsman

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Networking Event - Take 2

A sell out afternoon for our Conservative family in Aurora. Thanks to Aurora Mayor Tom Mrakas, MPP Dawn Gallagher Murphy, and all the local councillors that joined us. Big shout-out to my amazing co-host, Scot Davidson. Stay tuned for future events where you can connect with strong CPC members, riding associations, and our team.

Working for you in Thornhill

Another crowd of thousands in Richmond Hill demanding action from a government who didn’t even show up. List the IRGC as the terrorists they are. Ban them. Today.

Feasting, dancing, and spreading good fortune in the new Year of the Rabbit at the Promenade. Special thanks to the Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region and in Markham for sharing in this celebration with all of us.

I also celebrated the start of the Lunar New Year with the Hong Kong Community Centre and the GTMA. Thanks for the invite - and here's to a year of prosperity, unity, and purpose.

Sunday spent well -

Joined a killer concert with the Toronto Disabilities Network thanks to the brilliant Suzie Sokol and her unrelenting advocacy and organization.

Standing united with the Iranian-Canadian community for a Free Iran always. The Liberal government needs to find some courage and finally list the IRGC as the terrorists they are — to keep Canadians safe.

It's been three years since the tragic murder of Keira Kagan, a young girl from our own community here in Thornhill. A bill called "Keira's Law" is now being discussed in a Senate committee. Keira's death was preventable - we need this bill to pass quickly to protect children like Keira, to honour her legacy, and to ensure something like this never happens again.

I read the replies.

Thank you Thornhill for the feedback, the ideas and the support.

Working for you in Ottawa

It’s been 8 years of the Prime Minister’s irresponsible spending - and Canadians are feeling it. It’s time for him to take some responsibility.

The Liberals lied to Canadians when they told us inflation would stay low, and the carbon tax wouldn’t go up. But now, we have high inflation, high-interest rates, and a high cost of living. It’s time to work for Canadians instead of against them. It’s time for a plan that works.

Someone needs to fight for Canadians if the Prime Minister won't - will he get out of the way so Conservatives can fix his mess?

Mary Ng broke the rules. She should pay back the money she illegally gave to her friend. That money belongs to Canadians.

The Liberals decided it's "not worth the effort" to collect $15 billion that was illegally paid to wealthy corporations.

$15 billion? Not worth it? Really?

Laith Marouf, recipient of over $600K in funding as an "anti-racism" consultant, had a long list of vile racist and anti-Semitic tweets that he made no attempt to hide. The Department of Heritage has over 100 communications staff, all of who have access to a basic Google search. And yet it took years for the department to realize there was a problem and too long to act when they were told. How does this happen?

8 years of Justin Trudeau: record prices for rent and housing, home heating, gas and groceries. Canadians can't afford this government.

Who is getting fired?

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