It's been another busy two weeks in Ottawa, Thornhill, and many places in between. We had a lot of excitement in Parliament when Pierre Poilievre was kicked out of the House by a partisan Liberal Speaker.

Latest from Lantsman - May 10, 2024


It's been another busy two weeks in Ottawa, Thornhill, and many places in between. 


We had a lot of excitement in Parliament when Pierre Poilievre was kicked out of the House by a partisan Liberal Speaker.


His crime? Calling this radical Liberal Prime Minister and his out-of-touch costly coalition wacko. 


Liberals can complain all they want. But you know what? 


Supporting the legalization of crack, cocaine, meth, and heroin? It's wacko. 


Wanting to bring more drugs and disorder, crime and chaos to the streets of Toronto with an unsafe supply regime that just doesn't work? It's wacko. 


Continuing an endless pattern of taxing, spending, and inflation? It's wacko.


Pretending that everything is fine while we all know Canada is broken? It's wacko. 


And chances are, you think the same thing. 


Conservatives will tell it like it is - the true voice of the Canadian people and common sense everywhere. We'll call Justin Trudeau out every single time for his radical ideas, and we'll never stop fighting for you. 



Melissa Lantsman
Member of Parliament for Thornhill
Deputy Leader of Canada's Conservatives 


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Fighting Antisemitism and Extremism

On October 9th, I told you to watch carefully at the leaders in this country and the empty platitudes they offered that day. Many told me I was wrong.

We will never forget those who embrace the antisemitic hate on our streets, fund terrorists with our tax dollars, and those who continue to remain silent.

This week, we marked a solemn occasion on the Hill with the release of B'nai Brith's annual Audit on Antisemitism - a five-fold increase in antisemitic incidents in just ten years. This, while the government remains silent and refuses to take action to protect Jews in Canada. 

Watch my Remarks with B'nai Brith Canada

As we mark Yom HaShoah, we realize that the Jewish people have never been closer to extinction in nearly 80 years. We remember the victims of the deadliest day since the Holocaust. 

I joined Pierre Poilievre in Ottawa at the National Holocaust Memorial to honour those who never made it out of the concentration camps. Never again is truly now. 

In the spirit of remembrance, I travelled to Hamilton to officially open Margaret's Legacy, a new Holocaust museum and Jewish advocacy centre. It will be a pillar of the community for years to come and a critical resource as we seek to ensure that future generations always know the horrors of the Holocaust. 

If you are in the GTA, be sure to check it out.

And yesterday, Jewish Canadian university students shared their experience with the hate they have been exposed to on campus since October 7 - from discrimination, hate speech, and outright physical attacks. None of them feel safe. None of them feel protected by a government who speaks out of both sides of its mouth.

Click to Watch

As we see continued violence in Israel and growing unrest on our streets, we're reminded of one group that's behind a lot of it: the IRGC. 

It's been 6 years of the government making promises but they've never followed through on their commitment to finally ban the IRGC once and for all. 

We forced another vote on banning the IRGC and shocker - Liberals talk the talk but still won't walk the walk. 

Only common-sense Conservatives will finally ban the IRGC and stand up for law and order in Canada. 

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Working Hard in Ontario

Had a great chat with my friend Marla and some of her friends on pressing issues Canadians are facing under this Liberal government’s failing leadership. 

Conservatives will restore what Justin Trudeau has broken. We will:
🪓 Axe the tax
🏠 Build the Homes
🔧 Fix the Budget
🛑 Stop the Crime

Sudbury’s ready for some change. Common Sense Conservatives hear you, and we’re ready to bring it home with the help of our CPC Candidate, Ian Symington 🇨🇦

A great evening celebrating art and our community with my friend and Ward 1 Councillor Keith Irish at Heintzman House. Congratulations to all the artists, Susan Corbeil, and the Art Show Committee on a fantastic opening night of the Annual Art Show and Sale - “Spring Into Colour” 🎨🖌️

Celebrating Asian Heritage Month in Willowdale with students and their families showcasing the vibrant traditions and 🔥🔥🔥 talent.

Thank you to my friend and TDSB Trustee Dr. Weidong Pei as well as the Toronto Asian Parents Association for welcoming me & for your support!

A great evening celebrating at the 2024 Spring Multicultural Festival!

Thank you Dr. Nodira Yuldasheva, the President of Uzbek Community Canada, for putting together this beautiful celebration of the Uzbekistani community through great music, traditions, and delicious food!

Exploring new tech at the Canada-Israel Technology and Innovation Conference in Toronto. Joined in the conversation about promoting businesses between Canada and our long-standing ally Israel as well as groundbreaking research into AI, tech and innovation alongside the brilliant minds making sure exchange grows.

Thank you Ran Mesterman and UJA Federation for hosting me!

Joined my friend Kim Doron, founder of Tali’s Fund, in loving memory of their daughter, Tal Esther Doron, who died at age 4 after a brave struggle with a rare and aggressive brain tumour called ATRT.  Tali’s Fund supports researchers who are working tirelessly to move us closer to the day when children suffering from rare brain cancers get safe and effective treatments— survive, thrive and grow into adulthood. 

Glad to spend some time with partners Energy Karate and Kim’s family and friends, raising money and awareness.

Working Hard in Ottawa

Liberals titled the 2024 budget “fairness for every generation.”

But is this budget really “fair”? Does it actually live up to the idea of fairness? What is in this budget that means we can call it such a thing?

Conservatives call for a budget that allows Canadians to afford the necessities of life, provide for their families, receive good, decent wages for their work, get ahead, and leave the next generation of Canadians a future better than the one they found.

Watch my Full Speech on Budget 2024

The City of Toronto is asking the government to legalize hard drugs like they did in BC. We know that extremist experiment failed, so these Liberals should easily rule it out for Toronto. But they won't.

That means kids in the city stepping over needles in playgrounds. More dangerous drugs. More people suffering instead of getting the help they need.

Protect Toronto from Justin Trudeau and Ya'ara Saks' extremist drug polices NOW. If they won’t do it — we will. It's just common sense.

Say NO to Legal Drugs in Toronto

Thanks to the Canadian Cancer Society for stopping by Parliament Hill. Thank you for your advocacy for those suffering and your commitment to groundbreaking cancer research & support programs.

Two Toronto Ministers.

Two different answers.

And no one rules out the dangerous extremist drug experiment for Toronto.

Just Say No

Another condescending lecture from the Minister of Disney + -- she went on a tirade about abortion when I asked her about finance.

The polls must be really bad over there.

Weirdly awkward 👇. Things are going just fine over in Liberal land. 🤡

Check it out for Yourself

Honoured to join the Falun Dafa community on Parliament Hill as they commemorate their values of truthfulness, compassion, tolerance, and freedom from the persecution and dictatorship in Beijing.

Conservatives stand strong with the Falun Dafa community. Thank you to my friend Pixing Zhang for welcoming me to this event.

Lantsman in the News

Trudeau’s policy on dangerous drug use in public is wacko.

Opioid deaths have doubled in two years. Needles left all over public parks, beaches, and playgrounds. Innocent lives lying face-down on the pavement because they got free drugs instead of the treatment they needed.

Why is legalizing dangerous drugs even up for debate?


On Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

On CPAC too - defending law and order and the people in Toronto who are tired of stepping over needles in playgrounds, parks, and city streets everywhere. 

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That's everything that's happening in my world. I'll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest. 

And, if you think we need to BAN hard drugs from the streets of Toronto, please consider making a small donation:

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Yours truly, 

Melissa Lantsman