After eight years of Liberal-NDP government, Justin Trudeau is no longer listening to Canadians. 70% of them oppose his April Fool's carbon tax hike. And that includes 70% of Canadian premiers - even the Liberal ones. 


Latest from Lantsman - April 12, 2024


After eight years of Liberal-NDP government, Justin Trudeau is no longer listening to Canadians.


70% of them oppose his April Fool's carbon tax hike. And that includes 70% of Canadian premiers - even the Liberal ones. 


This week, the House of Commons passed a Common Sense Conservative motion calling on Justin Trudeau to convene an emergency televised carbon tax meeting with all of Canada’s Premiers.


Even after voting to hike the tax, his NDP yes men said he should do it too.


The Prime Minister is in hiding – but rest assured Conservatives will continue to hold him and the rest of his government accountable.


And we're looking forward to seeing a real-life, live, televised carbon tax meeting coming to a TV set near you. 



Melissa Lantsman
Member of Parliament for Thornhill
Deputy Leader of Canada's Conservatives 

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Common-Sense Conservative Canvass

A big THANK YOU to the many dedicated volunteers who helped us bring it home for our first of many common-sense canvasses in Thornhill! 

It's clear from the doorsteps - almost everyone is ready for change. 

We also joined our friend Roman Baber and his team in York Centre - the message was exactly the same there, too. 

Looking forward to hitting the doors when the campaign officially starts - next election can't come soon enough! 

Working Hard in the GTA

Back to the GTA after trips out East and out West. The action never stops!

I joined in on the 2024 LandPro Conference in Vaughan - thank you Saša Krcmar and Harry Herskowitz for having me.

My message was clear: After 8 years of Trudeau, home ownership has become more unaffordable than at any time in Canadian history. It takes 63.5% of median household PRE-TAX income to make payments on a typical home.

Trudeau’s Housing Hell is not worth the cost.

Common Sense Conservatives have a plan to build homes, not bureaucracy by requiring municipal gatekeepers to permit 15% more homebuilding each year or face a fine. Those that exceed the goal will get a bonus. This is a common sense plan that provides money for results, not more empty promises, phoney announcements and slick photo ops.

Bring them home. Now.

It’s been 6 months since the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust. 6 months since the hostages were kidnapped. 6 months without them. 6 months too long.

The genocidal Hamas terrorists will not win. They will come home. 🎗️

I chatted with the the Grade 11 and 12 law students at St. Elizabeth High School in Thornhill. It’s so awesome to see a room full of young people who want to make a difference in the world.

They’re going to do big things based on the thoughtful and 🔥 questions I got. They want a future - not what we have right now.

I joined Congregation Habonim and my friend Eynat Katz to hear about “When Eichmann Knocked On Our Door.” The personal memories of Tami Hausner-Raveh, the daughter of the Chief Prosecutor of the Eichmann Trial, are powerful and uncomfortably real today as we see dangerously rising Antisemitism in 🇨🇦

A government that holds hands with brutal dictators like Mahmoud Abbas. A government that ignores security funding for places of worship. That votes to reward Hamas, sides with terror and even sends more of your tax dollars to UNRWA should listen to Tami. They could learn something.

A morning well spent chatting with seniors in our community about how the Conservatives are working hard to bring common sense back to 🇨🇦.

We hear you and we’re going to make the changes you deserve.

Thanks to my friends Stephen & Yvette Gutfreund for inviting me to your current affairs club. And to my old friend and former MPP Peter Shurman for his 🔥🔥🔥 hosting.

Thanks to the City of Vaughan for hosting a roundtable discussion with municipal, provincial, and federal reps from our city.

We let them know our plans on improving public safety. As my colleague Anna Roberts and I made clear - Conservatives will continue to support the community and change is coming.

We’ll put pressure on those who are standing in the way of a safe and affordable city of Vaughan. People want change, and they’re ready to make that very clear.

Even Trudeau Knows...

Even Trudeau knows he's letting young people down. He admitted it last week. He's letting all of Canada down.

Time for him to go. Time for some common sense.

Watch Here

Working Hard in Ottawa

Always excited to connect with CJPAC students on Parliament Hill - I joined Pierre Poilievre in what turned into an impromptu Q&A with lots of thoughtful questions on politics, community safety and what it’s like to work here. Parliament could learn a thing or two from the next generation of politicos.

Trudeau says he doesn't need to meet the Premiers because he already did it - in 2016. 

Can somebody tell him that that was 8 years ago?!

Click to Watch

After Conservatives passed a motion to make Justin Trudeau do his job and actually talk to the Premiers, there's only one question left: 

What day, time, and channel should we tune into to watch the carbon tax conference? 

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