Many thanks to all the Thornhillers who donated to the collection drop-off at the Promenade Mall parking lot last month. B’nai Brith Canada gathered all the donations and are sending them to Ukraine. The donations will help support thousands of Ukrainians impacted by the war in their country.


Dear Samridh -

Many thanks to all the Thornhillers who donated to the collection drop-off at the Promenade Mall parking lot last month. B’nai Brith Canada gathered all the donations and are sending them to Ukraine. The donations will help support thousands of Ukrainians impacted by the war in their country.

The past few weeks have kept me busy.

This month, I had the pleasure to visit Canada’s leading manufacturer of metal products, Bailey Metals. I also spoke in the House of Commons to urge the new NDP-liberal government to stop penalizing unvaccinated Canadians. Instead of constantly dividing Canadians, this government should give every worker what they deserve – paid time off and benefits. After more than two years of COVID, Canadians are frustrated that this government refuses to follow the science and the advice of the Chief Health Officer. I will continue to fight for Canadians who feel unheard by this government and for the people of Thornhill.

Further, I also spoke in the House of Commons about Bill C-11, an Act to amend the Broadcasting Act. This bill has the same issues as the last disaster from the Liberals, C-10.  As your MP, I will continue to fight to protect Canadian content producers from significant revenue loss.

Check out my speech in this newsletter.

Here are some updates from the last couple of weeks on the job.

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Heartbreaking news

from Israel

Condolences to the victims families. BDE.

Thornhill stands with you, our friend and ally, against this senseless wave of unjustified terror.

The NDP-Liberal Coalition

Canadians won't forget

the Liberal-NDP

backdoor deal making.

NDP's call for

affordability gets buried

under this new

power brokered deal

with the Liberals


Inflation is at a 30 year high. Housing, food, & gas is more expensive than ever. The government's busy playing politics.

When will they start listening to the average Canadian?

Protecting Canada’s Oil


Will the NDP-Liberal government do anything to help Canadian families struggling to make ends meet?

Hint: NO.

Watch my Press

conference on easing


and mandates

Restrictions and mandates are only harming Canada's transportation industry.

Those who we once hailed as pandemic heroes are now zeros. The NDP-Liberal government must start listening to their own health experts and end the ineffective restrictions.

Watch my speech on how

the restrictions are

harming Canada’s

transportation industry

Le gouvernement doit arrêter de pénaliser les Canadiens non vaccinés. Il doit les offrir des congés payés, des avantages sociaux et des accès aux bénéfices de santé. Les exigences fédérales de vaccination divisent les Canadiens et pénalisent ceux qui sont non vaccinés depuis trop longtemps. Assez c’est assez!

Translation: The government needs to stop penalizing unvaccinated Canadians. It needs to give them paid leave, social benefits and access to health benefits. Federal vaccination requirements divide Canadians and penalize those who have been unvaccinated. Enough is enough!


Save Airline workers

from losing their jobs

Airline industry workers risked their own lives and worked through the pandemic, now when life is returning to normalcy the Federal government can't leave them behind.

The minister doesn't seem to care.

Ontario’s new Child-care


Listen to what I had to say about the new child-care deal between the Ontario government and the federal government.

Petition to end the

COVID theatre

After spending more than $342 million of taxpayers money the Public health agency is unable to verify 30% of the tests administered.

I presented a petition in the Parliament today signed by over 13,500 Canadians who are calling on the Federal government to end the COVID theatre and give them their lives back.

The NDP-Liberal


Just some of the demands from the NDP for their Liberal partners -
- Raising the capital gains rate
- Raising corporate tax to 18%
- Taxing successful businesses in Canada
This tax-and-spend NDP-Liberal coalition needs to get serious about supporting Canadian families and our businesses. We can’t afford this experiment.

Bill C-11 or just a new

name for Bill C-10?

Bill C-11 is a bill with a new title, the very same issues exist with this bill as they did with Bill C-10. It fails to address the serious concerns raised by experts and Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

It does the same thing as the old bill and allows the CRTC to regulate any content that generates revenue ‘directly or indirectly.’

Top #3 Issues


Watch this to learn more about the top three issues brought to my office.

- Bringing inflation under control 

- Dropping unscientific mandates and giving back your freedom 

- Supporting Ukraine 🇺🇦 when they need us most.

Visited Bailey Metals in


Got an opportunity to visit Canada's leading manufacturers of metal products Bailey Metals in Thornhill.

Thank you to Angelo Sarracini, President of Bailey Metals & Mark Griffin, VP of Operations for the amazing insights and tour of the facility.

Meeting with Dr. Michael

Güntner & the delegation

from Germany

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Michael Güntner, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for Germany.

We talked trains, planes and automobiles.

Celebrated Purim with

the Community

In Jewish history there are no coincidences. Purim hopping with hundreds of Thornhillers. Thank you the BAYT, Chabad Flamingo, Chabad Russian Centre of Thornhill Woods and Chabad Israeli for throwing the bash we all needed.

Chag Purim Sameach.

Visited Humanity First, a

local non-profit serving

the underserved

Marveled at the work of Humanity First Canada’s Food bank in Thornhill. They provide relief and assistance to the less fortunate in Canada and across the globe to alleviate poverty and improve their quality of life. They’re also at the forefront of assisting, sponsoring and resettling refugees in Canada.

Look forward to working together for a long time to come.

Happy Nowruz!

Nowruz Mubarak! Nowruz pirouz! Blessings to everyone celebrating with family and friends in Thornhill and across Canada.