How long has Justin Trudeau been in power? Every day, we see the painful reminders -- he's been our Prime Minister for almost nine years.


Latest from Lantsman - April 26, 2024

How long has Justin Trudeau been in power? 


Every day, we see the painful reminders -- he's been our Prime Minister for almost nine years. 


But ask Justin Trudeau, and he pretends like he's just been elected. He says he's 'not satisfied' with the way Canada is headed - he claims he can fix everything that's wrong.


Well if he's really not happy -- then he should really take it up with the guy who's been in charge since 2015! 


This is just gaslighting to the extreme. You can't ask the Liberals to fix what they broke, just like you can't ask an arsonist to put out a fire that they themself started. 


The same old ideas just won't cut it -- the same ideas laid out in last week's budget. It'll continue the high-tax, high-spending patterns that have doubled home prices, doubled rent, and sent gas and grocery prices through the roof. 


Regardless of the Liberal rhetoric in the aftermath of last week's budget, only Conservatives can truly axe the tax, build the homes, and fix the budget. 


Canada is broken. Sign here to add your name to the list of thousands of Canadians demanding a real, common-sense plan to fix it. 


Together, we will continue fighting for the country we all love. 



Melissa Lantsman
Member of Parliament for Thornhill
Deputy Leader of Canada's Conservatives 

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Chag Kasher v'Sameach

To all my friends in Thornhill and across Canada - hoping you had a happy and sweet Passover surrounded by the blessings of faith, family, and community. 

Passover is all about the fight for freedom - a fight that continues to this day. Just like the Jewish people overcame oppression over 2,000 years ago, we will again overcome the forces of hatred in our society. 

Returning to work with a newfound determination to make 🇨🇦🇨🇦 the freest nation on Earth. 

You can watch my whole Passover message here.

Working Hard in the GTA

Hanging out with Common Sense Conservative Candidate in St. Paul’s Don Stewart - chatting about the Conservative movement with a 🔥🔥🔥 bunch ready to send Trudeau a message 💪 🇨🇦

A great spring clean up party hosted by our friend Laurie Kroft and our Vaughan Ward 4 councillor Chris Ainsworth.

Was a neighborhood jam with over 300 people out - all keeping our hood clean. Lots of ice cream was consumed as a reward! 🍦 🌳

Working Hard in Ottawa

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau and Canadians can't afford to live. And what's worse? They can't even afford to die, either.

Click to find out why

Yud-Alef Nissan is the Rebbe’s birthday. Now it’s in the Parliamentary record forever.

Celebrating 122 years of the Rebbe and those who keep his teachings alive. 

Watch Here

BREAKING! The biggest gold heist in Canadian history. 20 million dollars gone. And all suspects arrested are already out.

Did they give one of their little gold nuggets to Trudeau to pass his catch-and-release bill? Maybe they can spare some for those who need to afford gas in Ontario today.

Conservatives will reverse their catch-and-release policies to protect our communities and keep criminals in jail where they belong, and axe the tax so Canadians can afford to live.


Isn't it funny how the only person who thinks this year's budget is 'fair' is the same person who spent $60 million on an $80,000 app?

This is what 'fair' means to them

Lantsman in the News

Click below to hear my thoughts on the budget:

On Moore in the Morning

On 900CHML (Scott Thompson)


We took the message nationwide - hear some of my interviews in BC, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland:

Click here to listen

I joined CTV News for Question Period to discuss the 2024 Liberal Budget.

Conservatives will not support this budget. We'll continue to fight for what we've be calling on the Liberals to do for the last 9 years - axe the tax, build the homes, and cap the spending.

Click to Watch

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Yours truly, 

Melissa Lantsman