Happy August! I hope you took the long weekend to rest, spend some time with your family, and enjoy our beautiful community of Thornhill.


Happy August! I hope you took the long weekend to rest, spend some time with your family, and enjoy our beautiful community of Thornhill.


I just got back from Albania, where I represented Canada as part of the Free Iran World Summit. Although it had to be delayed for security reasons, it was an honour to travel and support civil liberties and justice for all. Being your MP is an immense privilege, and I will use my platform to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves - be it in Iran, in Israel, in Taiwan, or in the many other places across the world who just want fundamental freedoms like democracy and human rights.


Don't forget - the deadline to vote in the 2022 Conservative Leadership election is coming up soon. The cut-off date for your ballot to arrive in Ottawa is September 6th. If you have not received your ballot yet, please contact https://www.conservative.ca/ballot-reprint/.


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Thank you for your continued support. If ever I can be of service, please contact me at [email protected].



Melissa Lantsman


Here are some updates from my last two weeks on the job:

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Canada's Airports - a Global Embarrassment

The New York Times Writes About How Horrible Toronto's Pearson Airport Is |  Complex CA

Have you heard the news? Toronto Pearson Airport is the worst in the world for delays.

Last month, over 52% of all flights were delayed and this year, over 8,000 flights have been cancelled.

That means thousands of Canadians stuck in endless lines, thousands of lost bags, and millions of dollars of lost economic opportunity.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, Canada is #1 at many things, but airport incompetence should not be one of them.

Who is responsible for this shameful track record? While the government may try to deflect and shirk responsibility, we know that they are at fault. Their unnecessary Covid restrictions sidelined critical workforce members for months. They knew that there would be a travel surge, yet there are fewer security screeners now than there were in 2019. The ArriveCAN App is creating confusion and congestion on a daily basis.

I will do my part once Parliament returns to hold the Liberals to account and get our country moving again. Until then, you'll see me lots on TV and social media sharing my our message to millions of frustrated travelers. Efficient travel in Canada should not be negotiable - it's a necessity.

Working for you in Thornhill

I witnessed some of the magic that happens at Lubavitch Day Camp. One of the recipients of the Canada Summer Jobs grant in Thornhill, they were able to help families send their kids to camp while giving summer employment to teens. Never a dull moment thanks to the amazing and dedicated staff and lots of excited kids.

A family-owned small business here in Concord, Bennett Hardware has spent the last 40 years providing exceptional service supplying Canadian-made paint applicators to hardware stores all over the country. Congested ports, inflation, and a lack of vision from our government have brought many challenges to their business. I met with them to reaffirm our commitment to bringing solutions on supply chain issues and affordability to Canadians 🛠️🇨🇦

Across Canada

May be an image of 9 people, people standing and indoor

ArriveCAN has decimated Canada’s tourism sector especially in Niagara Falls. My friend, MP Tony Baldinelli and I went to talk to duty-free operators, bridge authorities, Niagara Parks — every single person said the same thing, they know exactly what to blame for all this: The ArriveCAN app.
It’s ArriveCan’t. Scrap it.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Celebrate Queen's 70 Years Of Service Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to Thornhill in one of the following ways: Public Service Volunteerism ස Advocacy Nominate them today by emailing me at melissa.lantsman@parl.gc.ca 100 Deadline to Apply August 20th'

This year’s Platinum Jubilee is a chance for us to celebrate the service of Queen Elizabeth II, who has now reigned for 70 years.
It’s also a chance for us to recognize the service of individuals right here in Thornhill. My office is proudly sponsoring Platinum Jubilee Pins to be awarded to individuals in our community who show a commitment to public service, volunteerism, and advocacy.
Do you know a deserving candidate? Nominate someone today at [email protected].

B'nai Brith Clothing Drive

B'nai Brith Canada is holding a clothing drive which will support the vulnerable in our community as well as Afghan and Ukrainian refugees. Stop by and pitch in some new or gently used clothing if you can:

Promenade Mall Parking lot (by LCBO) - August 11 from 6 - 7 pm

Promenade Mall Parking lot (by LCBO) - August 25th from 6 - 7 pm

My First Year in Parliament

When we go back to Parliament in September, it should be in person.

Take a look at my highlights from last year:

"This is Not the Canada That I Remember."

Vaccinated senior punished into 14-day quarantine for not using the pointless and ineffective ArriveCAN App.
Time to get our country moving again.
Watch below:

On the Air

Watch my exclusive interview with Bala Menon of VNN. We discussed the mess at Pearson Airport, the government's continued COVID restrictions, passport and immigration applications, and more. Watch below:

I chatted with John Moore about the Prime Minister's trip to Costa Rica. It's not about the vacation - it's about the hypocrisy.

The Liberals are out of touch, and it's time for a change.

Lantsman in the News

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