Just like that, two more weeks have flown by. It's hard to believe that the summer is almost over. If you live in Thornhill - keep an eye out for my mailer arriving at your house soon, full of all the greatest hits of the past few months.


Latest from Lantsman - August 18, 2023


Just like that, two more weeks have flown by. It's hard to believe that the summer is almost over. If you live in Thornhill - keep an eye out for my mailer arriving at your house soon, full of all the greatest hits of the past few months. 


Have you seen Pierre Poilievre's new ad on tv? With a massive investment, we're making sure that Canadians know who the real Pierre Poilievre is - family man, hard worker, and Canadian success story. 


Watch the ad here, and chip in with a donation here to help us spread the word. 


Together, we're going to make Pierre Prime Minister and make Canada the freest nation on Earth. 



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With Pierre and Ana Poilievre


Pierre and Ana Poilievre were back in Toronto this weekend! We made a few stops - here are some of the highlights: 

We celebrated freedom, liberty, and great food at the Taste of Vietnam Festival. 

We’re going to remove the gatekeepers, lower taxes, and build more homes to deliver a Canada that attracts, welcomes, and celebrates newcomers.

We visited the Taste of Danforth 🇨🇦 🇬🇷 and got a warm welcome from old and new friends. 

Everywhere we go, people are ready for change.

We closed out the stop with a visit to a roaring crowd ready for change at the Himalayan Mela Festival. 

Pierre shared a vision for a common-sense government that works for the people who do the work - a vision we can all get behind. 

#FreeIran Town Hall

There's still time to register for my #FreeIran town hall with MP Garnett Genuis. If you're in the area - I hope you can make it!


Working Hard in Thornhill and Across Ontario

🔥🔥🔥 Summer BBQ hopping in Thornhill continues.

Laura Smith and I had a blast at 333 and 343 Clark Ave. with the best supporters and friends.

Stay tuned for our next stop.

I always appreciate the conversations, the ideas and the encouragement - looking forward to many, many more.

A big thank you to our dedicated volunteers who make these happen!

After 8 years of Liberal government, communities like Ajax are hurting:

The cost of a home has gone up.
The cost of groceries has gone up.
Taxes have gone up.

Conservatives have a plan to fix what’s broken and bring back the promise that we once had.

Thanks to our hosts René and June and 🙏🙏 to all the supporters who are going to make that plan a reality.

Faith, family, and freedom are at the core of everything the Tamil community is and does - including Taste of Tamil in Scarborough.

Tried my hand at Kothu roti and had to try some sweetness from Lingan Cream House.

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, it’s groups like this one that are providing much-needed optimism to Canadians, optimism that we will bring back with a government led by Pierre Poilievre.

I joined thousands of patriotic Canadians to celebrate Indian Independence Day in Brampton.

The relationship between our democracies continues to grow and our country is blessed for the contributions in every facet of society of those who came here bringing their rich culture to inspire us. Happy Independence Day 🇨🇦

I stopped by the JRCC for a 🔥🔥🔥 evening of music and dancing.

Great chance to catch up with some of Thornhill’s seniors — and brush up on my Russian.

I took a few moments to visit the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg and explore their amazing gallery and understand their plans for future growth.

Many of Thornhill’s own are represented here - five members of the Group of Seven once lived in our community.

Thanks to the staff for their welcome and for the tour. Looking forward to stopping by again soon.

I visited the Champagne Centre Medical Facility in Toronto.

They provide innovative solutions for our most pressing healthcare problems - in our community, in one single space with ample free parking.

They’re living proof of the ingenuity of Canadians in healthcare - ingenuity that we’re going to reward and encourage, not punish.

In Saskatchewan


A visit to the Land of Living Skies with our CPC team, hearing from more people ready for a change here in Canada. 

Have a look at some of the best moments:

Discussing the Conservative plan to axe the tax, rein in government spending, and cut red tape with the Regina Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting seniors at Verve looking for a relief from JustinFlation. 

Visiting the Duncan Farm and chatting food, fertilizer, and fuel - running the combine with the boss.

A huge thanks to Brandt Construction, Forestry & Material Handling for giving us a tour of the facility and a history of one of Regina’s best success stories.

Lantsman in the News

The Corriere Canadese is Canada's only Italian-language daily newspaper. They welcomed me to their newsroom to discuss the Conservative Party's vision for the future.

Small publications are the heart and soul of many communities, but Liberal Bill C-18 will stop the Corriere from sharing their message at the profit of big outfits like Rogers, Bell, and the CBC.

Only Conservatives and Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre will truly protect free, independent journalism in 🇨🇦 and make hard work pay off once again. 





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