In the political newspapers and websites, everybody's still talking about Justin Trudeau's cabinet shuffle. It's one of the biggest developments since the last time I emailed you. While it brought plenty of headlines and new developments, unfortunately, very little has actually changed.



Latest from Lantsman - August 4, 2023


In the political newspapers and websites, everybody's still talking about Justin Trudeau's cabinet shuffle. It's one of the biggest developments since the last time I emailed you. While it brought plenty of headlines and new developments, unfortunately, very little has actually changed. 


The size and scope of the shuffle was a clear admission that the Liberals have failed. But Justin Trudeau remains our Prime Minister. Chrystia Freeland remains our Finance Minister. Steven Guilbeault remains our Environment Minister. 


All three want to tax you more, spend more, and grow the size of government. As long as Trudeau is in power with more incompetent ministers answering to him, Canadians won't see the outcomes they need. 


Outcomes like lower taxes, less spending, and smaller government. More housing and safer streets. 


That's what I'm fighting for every day, and that's what Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre will deliver. 


Everywhere I go, whether in Thornhill, in Toronto, across Ontario or even across Canada, people are ready for change and I'll keep being their voice until we bring home a stronger, safer, more prosperous country with a Conservative government. 


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An Evening in Thornhill with Ana Poilievre


Ana Poilievre is the real deal. 🔥🔥

She spent some time with us in a fireside chat and shared her insights, advice, and support for strong conservative women in our movement.

She’s doing so much to make Pierre Poilievre our next Prime Minister and I’m grateful that she’s sharing her empowering message in the GTA.

Thank you to everyone for making it a full house in Thornhill!

It Shouldn't Take 25 Years to Save for a Down Payment


Affordable housing in a safe neighbourhood shouldn't be a luxury. But after 8 years of Justin Trudeau, it is.

Pierre Poilievre and I have a plan to bring homes you can afford and restore the Canadian Dream for all.

Tap the link below to watch:


Say NO to Trudeau's Costly Regulation

I highlighted new Liberal regulations on natural health products in my last newsletter and I was overwhelmed by the number of people who reached out. 

Justin Trudeau wants red tape, fees and higher costs on things like vitamins and supplements.

Conservatives will protect natural health products so you have freedom over your health decisions.

Sign below and add your name to the list of people who want Trudeau to keep his hands off your supplements:


Working Hard in Thornhill

Celebrating a night of Queen music with our community and our Thornhill team. Thanks to Chris Ainsworth for an absolutely killer night.

Great 🎶 🎶 and even better conversations with the most supportive neighbours. 🙏

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce does so much to promote and support businesses in our community - and they do it well. 👏👏👏

I joined them to officially open their brand new office. Congratulations to the staff and board on this labour of love. Look forward to many more roundtables in the new space.

Thanks to the team at Toromont for the welcome and tour in Vaughan.

They sell and repair the heavy equipment that’s building our country - and they need help with our common sense plan to axe the carbon tax.

Conservatives will help them get ahead by supporting more projects that put shovels in the ground - housing, pipelines, LNG terminals, and more. 🏗️

Congratulations to the youngest and cutest graduates of Thornhill. Areti and Dimitri built Kids Childcare + Preschool in our community — they work tirelessly with their dedicated staff and educators to build the future.

Wishing you success — and many many more graduations! Thank you for everything you’re doing to help our community and support the next generation.

Catching up with Markham’s Ward 1 councillor Keith Irish for a productive meeting at Ramona’s Restaurant.

We talked transit, the fast-paced development in the area, and, of course, housing.

Thanks to Ramona and Carlos for their hospitality and their leadership in our community.

The new Murray Goldman Youth Centre here in Thornhill will be a home and learning place for thousands of young people.

It was a pleasure to join friends and community members to celebrate the grand opening of this facility and the amazing man who made it all possible.

Thank you Murray Goldman for your inspiring generosity and Rabbi Grossbaum for your unrelenting vision for our community.

Stopped by Nothing Bundt Cakes at Atkinson and Bathurst to welcome them to Thornhill. Always happy to see new businesses in the neighbourhood.

Ambreen and her team have done so much work to make this a reality and I'm always happy to support those who work hard and create jobs in our country - I know I'll be back soon for some delicious treats!

KCC delivers a summer camp like nothing you’ve ever seen. These kids get the best staff, the best experiences, and all the ❤️ from our community.

Always honoured to play a small role in a big, amazing organization 🔥 🔥

Our friends at Reena do so much to support and help the community - their Caribbean Festival is just one of the many amazing events they do all year round. ☀️ 🏝️ 🌊

I stopped by to say hi and 🙏🙏 a group of incredible volunteers and changemakers.

Working Hard Across Ontario

I stopped in Peterborough to support my good friend MP Michelle Ferreri. 

The community is finally getting some real representation in Parliament. Michelle is a hard worker and will be a key part of our next CPC government. 

Thanks to the EDA and all the dedicated volunteers who made the event awesome! 

Of course, when you go to the have to stop and get ice cream. 

Michelle showed me the best spot in town! 

Even at a young age, children in Israel are impacted by war and terror. One Family Fund supports them and makes sure they get the help they need.

I met with a few of the thousands of beneficiaries of this amazing initiative - I was inspired by their resilience, strength, and character.

🙏🙏 to the generous donors and committed volunteers who make this all possible, and thanks to Nathan and Phillip at UB for being amazing hosts year after year.

Packed house in Kitchener with MPs Larry Brock and Arpan Khanna.

We shared our message of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom with those who want a common sense plan.

They’re looking forward to sending some new Conservative MPs to Ottawa next election - and with a team like this, I know we can bring it home.

On the Air

Trudeau Fires His Cabinet.
He Should Have Fired Himself.

My take on 105.9 The Region, available here.

After 8 years of Liberal failure, Canadians are angry.

They deserve a party with a real plan to make things better - not more of the same that got us here.

We're going to cut taxes, shrink the federal government, and build more homes. The Liberals are going to do the opposite - higher taxes, bigger government, and fewer homes.

It's clear what the choice is for a stronger Canada. This, and much more, on my interview with Jerry Agar here.

Liberals only now insist housing isn't a federal responsibility because they're failing on every level.

Home prices have doubled. Rent has doubled. Mortgage payments have doubled.

Everywhere you look - they're giving up when they really just need to be fired so Conservatives can take over. Have a listen on AM 640.


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