It seems like every week that passes, we learn more about the colossal mismanagement, corruption, and grift at the heart of Justin Trudeau's Liberal government. 


Latest from Lantsman - February 16, 2024


It seems like every week that passes, we learn more about the colossal mismanagement, corruption, and grift at the heart of Justin Trudeau's Liberal government. 


The most recent revelation - Liberal insiders made off with over $60 million in taxpayer dollars in the scandal we're now calling Arrive Scam. 


The app that didn't work, didn't keep anyone safe, and put 10,000 innocent Canadians into quarantine should have cost $80,000. Instead - Liberals spent more than 750 times that amount. 


And as the story unravels, we find even more mismanagement, including the story of GC Strategies, who received over $258 million since 2015 - all while employing 5 people and being headquartered from the basement of a bungalow. 


The Liberals say they're going to 'investigate' what happened - but after everything we've seen from them, including SNC-Lavalin and the WE Charity fraud, do we really trust them to investigate themselves? Do we really think Justin Trudeau can be his own police? 


Instead - Conservatives say call in the real police. Get the Mounties in and find every. last. penny. 


We need to get to the bottom of this and prosecute this mismanagement to the fullest extent of the law. Conservatives will always fight for accountability, and fight for your tax dollars on Parliament Hill.


Despite everything Justin Trudeau might do or say - we're going to make sure he's held accountable. That's a promise. 



Melissa Lantsman
Member of Parliament for Thornhill
Deputy Leader of Canada's Conservatives


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Skating in Thornhill ⛸️❄️

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at our Family Skate. ⛸️❄️ It was so great to see and chat with everyone in the community. Amazing to see so many new faces and so many engaged supporters!

Fighting for you in Ottawa

SNC-Lavalin, We Charity, and now ArriveSCAM – who made off with millions of taxpayer dollars this time?
Not worth the cost. Not worth the corruption. Call in the 👮🚔🚨

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Just months ago, the invitation of a Nazi into the House of Commons merited the Speaker’s resignation. Now we know the Prime Minister also personally invited him to a diplomatic reception.

Who will have to resign this time to cover for another Trudeau mistake? Or will the Prime Minister be subject to the rules he tries to impose on everyone else?

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Thanks to the Liberal catch-and-release legislation, violent offenders are loose on the streets and Canadians are paying the price.

Common sense Conservatives will repeal catch and release, put the bad guys in jail, and keep Canadians safe.

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After 8 years, we now know for sure. 
Justin Trudeau is just not worth the cost or the corruption.

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Those struggling with their mental health deserve support and treatment, not death. Trudeau must stop ignoring experts, advocates, and opposition parties and immediately and permanently halt the expansion of MAID to those with mental illness. Full stop.

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Every 6 minutes in Canada, a car is stolen. Criminals have had a free ride for long enough. It's time to hit the brakes on car theft. Conservatives will stop the crime, protect our community, and bring home safe streets.

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Working Hard in the GTA and Beyond

Every week at the Promenade and around the world —Run for their Lives meets up to call for the immediate release of the hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. It’s been 128 days. May there not be a walk next week.

Thanks to Michelle Factor and her daughters Sara and Sydney for making it happen.

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Willowdale and Richmond Hill with friends — old and new. Wishing everyone abundant blessings, happiness, and prosperity.

May the year of the Dragon 🐉 bring a Common Sense Conservative Government to Canadians.

Vaughan Celebrates Winterfest 2024! Great to see so much support for a common sense plan from my neighbours in Woodbridge. Thanks to Vaughan council for always bringing the 🔥🔥🔥 to Winterfest ❄️❄️❄️

Great to see H.E. Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi. After his committee appearance, I was honoured to join him for a celebration of Japan’s National Day. 🇨🇦 🇯🇵

It's Sickening

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