Parliament is back and that means I'm in Ottawa fighting for you and for Canadians from coast to coast. Whether it's the cost of living crisis, the chaos in our streets, or the incompetence at the highest levels of government, there's no shortage of things to criticize.

Parliament is back and that means I'm in Ottawa fighting for you and for Canadians from coast to coast. Whether it's the cost of living crisis, the chaos in our streets, or the incompetence at the highest levels of government, there's no shortage of things to criticize. Rest assured that Conservatives are working for the people Justin Trudeau forgets - the law-abiding citizens, the middle-class families, the taxpayer - and we're going to bring a stop to the incompetence and bring back hope to this nation once again.


Some focal points from the last two weeks: hosting my annual community skate here in Thornhill, honouring victims and survivors of the Holocaust at the National Holocaust Monument, and supporting our Conservative Opposition Day Motion in Ottawa calling for the federal government to fix the broken bail system that's letting criminals run free.


Have a look below - here's the latest on what's happening in Ottawa, Thornhill, and beyond:

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Networking Event - Take 2

We’re ready for another sold out event, this time alongside the Newmarket-Aurora Conservative Association. Join me and my friend Scot Davidson on Saturday, February 11th for a Networking Event in Aurora! The future of 🇨🇦 depends on you —the time to get involved is now.

Annual Community Skate

Another great community skate in Thornhill.
Thanks so much to our dedicated team of volunteers and to everyone for joining us!

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Alongside CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre, I laid a wreath at the National Holocaust Monument on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We honour the memory of the six million Jewish children, men, and women who were brutally murdered by the Nazis. While honouring those who were systematically murdered, we must recognize that the hatred that gave rise the darkest period in modern history lives on today. We will always call that out. Always.

Black History Month

As we mark Black History Month, we must also remember the ongoing struggle for equality and justice that continues to this day. By celebrating the accomplishments of Black pioneers, we are inspired to carry forward their legacy and work toward a brighter future.

The Hill Times: Top 100

The Hill Times released its ranking of the 100 most influential people in Canadian politics last week - pleased to have made the list. Take a look below:

Working for you in Thornhill

Thank you, Heartfulness Institute, for inviting me to celebrate Sankranti in Thornhill. Your dedication to promoting mental wellness, early learning and service to the community is truly inspiring.

Thank you to the staff at Kohl & Frisch for giving me a tour of your facility - giving me insight into the drug shortages in 🇨🇦 and the pressures they face in making sure Canadians are well served.

Thank you to the First Chinese Seniors Association for inviting me to celebrate the Lunar New Year with them and for the work they do to support seniors in our community. There's no better way to start the Year of the Rabbit, a year of peace and prosperity, by helping those in need.

👏herring 👏 review
The boys from Gishmak Herring came by the office and I got to be a part of 👏 herring 👏 review.
Give them a follow and check it out.

New neighbour alert 🚨🚨
Congratulations and thank you to Tal and the team at La Briut Cafè for making the Thornhill food scene even better. It’s gonna take us a while to eat through this entire menu but our team is up for the challenge 🙏

Joined my friend and provincial colleague MPP Laura Smith at her Community Roller Skating at the Promenade Mall! 🏬
Sunday spent well ✅


The TTC is facing a wave of violence. Conservatives will make sure that riding public transit is safe for everyone.

Working for you in Ottawa

Before the start of the new Parliamentary session, we brought together the whole CPC team to focus on our priorities and to hold the government to account.

While Canadians are struggling to get by, the PM and his friends still haven’t noticed.

The stories from the TTC this past week have been shocking. The victims of these attacks deserve justice and every Canadian should feel safe to go out in public and ride public transit. Start with fixing our reckless bail system.

While there are citizens being arrested in Iran for protesting against the antidemocratic and corrupt regime, the Liberal government here in Canada is defending them, calling the unjust trials "fair and legal." When will the Liberal government stand up to the IRGC?

Our bail system is broken and the cracks are beginning to show. With rising crime rates across the country, Canadians are scared in their own communities and scared to take transit to work. Canadians deserve better.

After 8 years of this government, Canadians can't afford food, housing, and our airports are a mess. While the middle class is struggling to get by, the Liberals' insider friends are getting hand-outs. We need a government that will actually work for Canadians.

Toronto is used to making international headlines - but not for violent crime. Under the Liberal government’s soft-on-crime approach, communities across Canada are becoming more dangerous. Canadians have a right to be concerned. Conservatives will ensure repeat violent offenders remain behind bars.

Lantsman in the News

A sitting Liberal M.P. who is also a former police chief speaks out against violence in the U.S. but stays silent on violence in his own city. What will it take for him to tell his own caucus to reform Canada’s failed bail system?

Liberals say that you’ve never had it so good.
Conservatives say that we can do better.
The cost of essentials is skyrocketing. Housing is out of reach for millions. Broken parole and bail practices are putting thousands in danger.
Who do you believe?

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