Happy summer! I hope you had an enjoyable Canada Day weekend with your family and loved ones.


Happy summer! I hope you had an enjoyable Canada Day weekend with your family and loved ones.


Now that the House of Commons has risen, I am back in Thornhill full-time -- here to listen to you and your concerns. I'm looking forward to seeing you at backyard barbecues, community roundtables, or just out on the street. If you have an event that you'd like me to attend, feel free to send me an email.


Even though I'm not in Ottawa, I'll still be advocating for you - standing up for common sense and fighting for fairness from the government. The current problems that we're facing with our airports, passports, and immigration are wrong and should never have happened. Now, you are paying for Liberal incompetence. The Liberals want to blame everyone but themselves - including you - but experts are clear: the government's inefficiency, constantly-changing rules, and outdated Covid regulations are to blame for the havoc across the country. You are entitled to basic government services, like travel and essential documents, and it's time that we started demanding better.


If you have stories about passports, immigration, airports, or anything else that you'd like to share, my inbox is always open.


I'm looking forward to spending the summer in the best riding in Canada.


Until next time,


Melissa Lantsman


- Here are some updates from my last two weeks on the job:

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I was thrilled to see the amazing turnout at our first annual Canada Day community open house. Special shout-out to our first responders in York Region for and all of the volunteer organizers for making it such a great day.
We asked for your help and you delivered. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to collect a large amount of food to support food banks in York Region and help families right here in Thornhill.

New Job Alert!

New job alert - wait in line for a passport and make $50 an hour.

The passport situation is so out of control that this is a real job. First airports, now passports, what's next?

Take a look at my video here:

STOP Anti-Semitism in Thornhill

Anti-Israel protesters target Thornhill kosher grocery store

Going to Jewish neighbourhoods and businesses to yell Anti-Semitic slurs and intimidate others is not a peaceful protest - it's an act of hatred. Thanks to the York Region Police for acting quickly and professionally. These events must be treated as what they are - blatant hate crimes.

Working for you in Thornhill

I visited Mackenzie Health in Vaughan and we opened a new library! Big kudos to Vaughan Public Libraries for your work in the community.
A garage sale for a cause - I joined Beit Halochem Canada - Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel to support this amazing organization doing great work.
I joined the Concord West Ratepayers Association for their summer picnic at Southview Park!
I stopped by the CN McMillan Yard in Vaughan to talk about how we can get our economy back on track. Full steam ahead on improving the lives of Canadians and getting goods moving.
I also joined Canadian Jewish TV for an interview about my political journey. They're on their 3rd season already and continue to grow. Stay tuned for my episode this fall!

Age Well at Home Initiative

The Age Well at Home Initiative is a program that helps low-income and vulnerable seniors to live safely and independently in their own homes. The deadline to apply is July 22 - eligible organizations take note.

Join us in Ottawa

Canada's 43rd Parliament – challenging times ahead for Canada's chemistry  industry? - CIAC - Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

If you plan on traveling to Ottawa this summer, be sure to send me an email. My all-star staff would be happy to give you a personalized tour of the precinct and welcome you to our nation's capital.

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