The last House of Commons sitting before our summer recess just wrapped up. During the past two weeks, Liberal failure and incompetence was on display in all its glory.


The last House of Commons sitting before our summer recess just wrapped up. During the past two weeks, Liberal failure and incompetence was on display in all its glory:

  • The resignation of Trudeau's disgraced family friend and "special rapporteur"
  • The transfer of a notorious serial killer out of maximum security prison...and Marco Mendicino's subsequent lies and half-truths 
  • No answers on when or how the budget is going to be balanced 


Let's be real - we can't afford Justin Trudeau any longer. His reckless spending is driving up the cost of living. His catch-and-release criminal justice policies are putting innocent lives at risk. And his anti-building, anti-home housing policies are driving up the cost of a place to live and pushing people into the streets. 


It's time for real leadership - it's time for a Conservative government. 


Over the past few months, Conservatives have successfully held the Liberals to account and brought the common sense of the common people to the people's house. Here are some of the highlights from the session. We have: 

  • Tabled legislation to force the Liberals to give violent repeat offenders jail, not bail and keep serial killers and mass murderers like Paul Bernardo in maximum-security prison
  • Offered solutions to fix Canada’s housing crisis by firing the gatekeepers and forcing municipalities to build homes people can afford
  • Demanded an end to the Liberals’ tax-funded narcotics program, so we can bring home our loved ones drug-free
  • Exposed Liberal corruption, grift, waste, and out-of-control spending


We're just getting started! This summer, I'll continue the fight from outside the House of Commons - in Thornhill, in the GTA, and across Canada. 


Pierre Poilievre and I will never stop working for you and we'll never give up on our pledge to serve the Canadian people.


Let's bring it home. 

Melissa Lantsman

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Working Hard in Ottawa

It was nice to host Ward 4 Vaughan City Councillor Chris Ainsworth on Parliament Hill.

If you live in Thornhill and plan to visit Ottawa this summer, drop us a line and our team will make sure you get a warm welcome to the House of Commons.

Justin Trudeau's reckless spending is driving up the cost of the goods that we buy and the interest we pay. 

How many Canadians will have to lose their homes before he stops the party with your money? 

I joined my colleagues as we met with activists from across Africa who are fighting for human rights in Uganda. The new anti-homosexuality law is an appalling deterioration of civil liberties, and calling for its repeal is the least of what we should be doing.

No more virtue signalling from the government. This is about protecting people’s lives. They don’t bother with the real stuff.

David Johnston has resigned, but Justin Trudeau can just pick another friend and insider to investigate foreign interference.

When will he stop the charade and call a public inquiry?

Supporting community schools and education on the Hill with TELUS’s Kits for Kids program. They fill backpacks with supplies to help those who need it most. A great cause.

✅ fact: Liberal insiders knew about Paul Bernardo's transfer and could have stopped it.

❌ fiction: when this government looks Canadians in the eyes and says otherwise.

The responses from our latest newsletter just started rolling in. Thornhill, check your mailbox this week for an update on our Conservative Blue Seal Plan and let me know what you think.

Marco Mendicino has a failed track record of lies. Anyone else in his position would have lost their job long ago - when will the Liberals take responsibility for their failures, and when will the Prime Minister fire him?

Bill C-18 shows all the hallmarks of 8 years of Liberal rule: big government, limited freedom, and endless incompetence.

It’s the icing on the Liberal cake of failure. Small media organizations deserve to be protected. This doesn’t cut it.

Working Hard in Thornhill

Education is critical in the fight against antisemitism. It was an absolute honour to attend the opening of the new Toronto Holocaust Museum.

This is a huge step forward in the commitment to never forgetting the atrocities of the past and those who endured the darkest days in history. 

If you're in or near Toronto, go check it out. Powerful stuff. 

(Pictured: Nate Leipciger, Holocaust survivor)

It was an honour to join the Filipino Flag Raising Ceremony to celebrate Philippine Independence in Vaughan with our friends, neighbours and chosen family.

Looking forward to seeing this flag fly for many, many more years to come.

I dropped by the Promenade for a concert to honour our seniors. Thanks to Mario and Sandra Racco for always putting our community first. So great to see everyone out at the mall - I keep telling everyone how 🔥🔥🔥 you all are.

Celebrating Pride in York Region with my CPC Colleagues. 

Freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom to love who you love - those are always rights we will defend. 

That's just a taste of what's been happening in my world. I want to hear what's happening in yours too - email me personally at any time at [email protected].


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