Two more weeks have passed and that's two more weeks on the job working for you.


Two more weeks have passed and that's two more weeks on the job working for you.


Here's some highlights from since we last spoke:

✅ wrapped up my tour out west with a visit to Vancouver and the Island

✅ stood up in Parliament to get answers about Liberal corruption, foreign interference in our elections, and the government's latest censorship bill, C-11

✅ supported some 🔥🔥🔥 organizations here in Thornhill, in Ottawa, and beyond.


Read on for all the details. Let me know what you think - what should I ask Justin Trudeau next week when I head back to the House of Commons?


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Chag Purim Sameach!

To everyone who celebrated in Thornhill and across Canada - I hope you had a joyous and fun-filled Purim.

Working for you in Thornhill

Popped into Hyper Fresh to get some desserts. Chatted with Farzam and Neli who both work in their respective careers AND serve our community with fresh speciality foods as independent grocers.

Respect the hustle. 118 Doncaster Ave. in Thornhill.

Go see them.

Thank you to the Campus Conservative Club at York University for having me out alongside MP Anna Roberts! The future is bright.

Working for you in Ottawa

Justin Trudeau's response to the allegations of foreign interference has been to ignore it.

Stop the coverup.

Justin Trudeau's new plan: a secret committee with secret hearings and secret evidence that will give him secret conclusions.

Is he joking?

On International Women's Day, we recognize those around the world fighting for life, for freedom, for liberty. That future will be built on the courage and sacrifice of women like Mahsa Amini. Strong, passionate, dedicated women can and will change the world.

Imagine ordering a burger at a restaurant and getting a salad instead because the government mandated it. That's what C-11 would do to your online content. The government wants to control what you see and limit your freedom of expression.

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Tour for Humanity mobile human rights education centre is travelling across the country teaching Canadians about the horrors of the Holocaust, genocide, and our nation's human rights history. I was proud to host them on Parliament Hill, in full view to every MP walking by. They should stay awhile - lots to do in our own government.

On the Road, Part II: Vancouver & the Island

I continued my tour out west by joining Vancouver councillors Mike Klassen and Sarah Kirby-Yung for a traditional tea ceremony in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Thank you to Lillian Li for the warm welcome and the explanation of traditional tea culture.

Meet Guneet Singh & Sushil Nagar, new Canadians, frustrated with decline of the Canada they chose. They took matters into their own hands: gathered hundreds in their community to get engaged, demand change & hear the Conservative message. We put on a 🔥 rally because two guys know we can do better. Thank you for your support, your generosity and your energy.

Vancouver’s Chinatown has so much importance to the people of Vancouver. The culture and pride is commonplace in every shop and restaurant. Topped it off by visiting the Chinatown storytelling centre that shows the proud history of the community in BC. I got the full experience with councillors who have some big plans to revive this gem and protect it for the future.

Pure 🔥 in Downtown Vancouver as we packed 300 people together even on a weekend. Everywhere, Canadians are ready for change from a government that has stopped working for anyone but themselves. Joined my friend Kerry-Lynne Findlay to speak to friends new and old who are ready to get to work and send some common sense BC MPs to Ottawa in the next election.

Thank you to Aditya Tawatia for opening your home, for your support, for your hard work, dedication, and for your friendship. Change is coming for the entire community who want a fair and functioning immigration system, better opportunities for young people, a more affordable life, and full accountability from the government who has stopped working for common people. Bring it home 🇨🇦

The rain in Vancouver didn't stop Canadians from demanding action from the Liberals who failed to show up. List the IRGC as the terrorists that they are. Ban them from Canada. Fight for a free Iran.

Women. Life. Freedom.

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