The countdown is now on to Justin Trudeau's April 1 tax hike, when he and Steven Guilbeault will raise the carbon tax by 23% - making things like your groceries, your gas, and your home heating even more expensive.


Latest from Lantsman - March 1, 2024


The countdown is now on to Justin Trudeau's April 1 tax hike, when he and Steven Guilbeault will raise the carbon tax by 23% - making things like your groceries, your gas, and your home heating even more expensive. 


As Canadians feel the crunch of a runaway inflation crisis, cutting back on even daily necessities, the last thing we need is more taxes. 


But Justin Trudeau is out of touch, and Canadians are out of money. This is not the first time he's raised taxes on struggling Canadians, and it won't be the last. Conservatives will stand against this April Fool's scam, and when we elect Pierre Poilievre as our Prime Minister, we'll axe the tax so you can feed, heat, and house yourself. 



Melissa Lantsman
Member of Parliament for Thornhill

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Brian Mulroney - 1939-2024

Canada mourns the loss of Brian Mulroney, a committed statesman who devoted his life to public service. 

A dedicated defender of human rights and national unity, the impacts of Prime Minister Mulroney's tenure are still felt today. I am sure history will treat Prime Minister Mulroney incredibly kindly. 

My thoughts are with his family, his loved ones, and his many, many close friends. 

Pictured: Prime Minister Mulroney at Woodland Public School in Thornhill. 

The Great Carbon Tax Debate

In the House of Commons - we're bringing the heat to Justin Trudeau and making him answer for his endless tax hikes. 

This short debate tells you everything you need to know - we need to axe the tax. 

Take a look below and you'll be even more convinced that we need to make Pierre Poilievre our Prime Minister. 

Watch Here

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What's Happening in Ottawa

Justin Trudeau’s radical Environment Minister announced his new infrastructure plan - more soul sucking traffic and gridlock.

No more funding roads.

Conservatives are calling for the Environment Minister to appear before committee and to answer questions about his extreme and reckless policy.

As Liberals try to sweep it under the rug.

Watch Here

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau and his out-of-control carbon tax, some Canadians are literally turning to dumpster diving because they can't afford groceries.

Dumpster diving.

Try and rebrand that, Prime Minister.

Watch Here

Spent some time speaking with Orthodox Rabbis from across the country alongside my colleagues Marty Morantz and Shuv Majumdar. We discussed important issues affecting Jewish communities in our country, including the rise of antisemitism.

What's Happening in Thornhill and Across the GTA

Talking new Conservative movement at the Canadian Club Toronto with Adam Chambers, Shuv Majumdar, and Sabrina Maddeaux. Thanks to Ginny, Colleen, and the rest of the Canadian Club team for having us and to a room full of ideas and idealism for 🇨🇦

A full house, a great conversation, and even better questions in Thornhill at the BAYT. 

Thank you President Craig Guttmann, Avital Sandler, and always to Rabbi Daniel Korobkin for the warm welcome and being engaged on the issues we desperately need to fix in Canada.

Thank you to the students and staff at Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Thornhill for having me.

Great chatting with the Grade 10 Civics & Careers and Grade 12 French students - an engaged group with lots of great questions. Future looks bright over in this corner of the universe.

An afternoon gathering with an engaged group to fight against the horrific rise of authoritarianism and terror around the 🌎 — our goal is to keep this from further seeping into 🇨🇦 to keep Canadians safe. Our commitment is to do what the Liberals won't — list the IRGC as the terrorists they are.

Thanks to ICAD (International Coalition Against Discrimination) and Tafsik Organization for putting this 🔥🔥🔥 group together.

Let's Bring it Home in Durham

Next week, voters in Durham will head to the polls to elect a new Member of Parliament - and Jamil Jivani's the man for the job 🇨🇦

Folks here and all across the country are ready to send Justin Trudeau a message with a strong Conservative victory. 

Great reception at the doors and a 💯 team ready to make a difference. 

Conservatives will cut all taxpayer $$$ to UNRWA

It's the height of hypocrisy to send Canadian money overseas to UNRWA, an agency that supports Hamas terrorism and radical violence in the Middle East. 

Trudeau's habit of shipping tax dollars to terrorists and dictators will come to an end with Pierre Poilievre as our Prime Minister. 

I joined colleagues and allies at UN Watch to discuss our rationale and the future of UNRWA: 

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