This Monday, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-NDP MPs will push through a 23% increase in the carbon tax - an increase that means higher inflation, higher interest rates, and more pain for Canadians.


Latest from Lantsman - March 29, 2024


This Monday, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-NDP MPs will push through a 23% increase in the carbon tax - an increase that means higher inflation, higher interest rates, and more pain for Canadians. 


Justin Trudeau will stop at nothing to implement his radical agenda - he'll even ignore the urgings of 7 of 10 Canadian premiers and 70% of the Canadian population. 


Conservatives will continue to do everything in our power to stop this tax hike and stand up for common sense. We'll fight for technology, not taxes, to help our environment. We will axe the tax once and for all once we are elected with a strong, stable, national majority government. 


There are plenty of updates to share from the past two weeks - updates about the carbon tax, Israel, and much much more. It's all included right here. 


And, to all my friends observing Good Friday and celebrating Easter: wishing you a meaningful weekend spent with those who matter most.



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Common-Sense Conservative Canvass in Thornhill

Join me on Sunday, April 7 for the Conservative Party of Canada’s first Common Sense Canvass - a Canada-wide door knocking event to help spread our common sense message:

🪓 Axe the Tax
🏠 Build the Homes
🔧 Fix the Budget
🛑 Stop the Crime

Help us bring common sense back to Canada. Help us #BringItHome!

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A Common-Sense Conservative Non-Confidence Vote

Conservatives voted NON-CONFIDENCE in this Prime Minister because of his irresponsible April Fool's Day tax hike. 

His Liberal and NDP puppets protected him - but we're ready for an election. Canadians are ready for an election. 

We say - bring it on. Bring it home!

A Trip to Western Canada

Message was loud and clear in Nanaimo-Ladysmith  with common sense Conservative candidate Tamara Kronis and my colleague Blaine Calkins — spike the 23% April 1st carbon tax hike, until common sense Conservatives can axe the tax, for everyone, everywhere, forever.

And a big thanks to former MP and party stalwart Deb Grey for always showing up.

Talking some Common Sense in Medicine Hat with Glen Motz - 

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Conservative message! 🇨🇦

Visiting Big Marble Farms - 

Their year-round greenhouse means locally-grown food is always growing instead of sitting in shipping containers. 400 jobs. Sustainable and high tech. The only problem… Trudeau’s punishing carbon tax costs them $500K a year AFTER the supposedly higher rebate.

Makes no sense. Axe the tax.

Touring Harmac Pacific, learning how red tape and burdensome government regulation are making their sustainable practices… unsustainable.

How ironic. We’ll axe the tax and protect 400 good-paying jobs here and across our forestry sector. The NDP MP won’t. She votes for what Trudeau demands her to.

A Trip to Montreal

Not just West Coast - Eastern Canada was 🔥🔥🔥 as our team visited Montreal. Take a look:

Thank you to Jeremy from Osler and CJA for having me. And thanks to the Montreal business community for coming out to chat. Canada hears you!

Visited Aaron Rand at the CJAD studio.

So great to meet with Armenian community leaders. Thank you for chatting with me and showing me around your centre Sourp Hagop. Keep up all the great work you’re doing for your community.

Finished off the tour with a packed house in Saint-Laurent. 

Montreal - thank you for the warm welcome. We'll be back very, very soon!

Chag Purim Sameach!

Celebrated Purim in Thornhill and across the GTA with future MP Karen Stintz and many, many members of the community. 

We will always stand strong in our convictions - we will never be intimidated. 

Hoping you enjoyed the holiday centred on faith, friends, and family. Chag Purim Sameach!

We Will Always Stand Against Hamas

Many of you have heard about the speech I gave two weeks ago and the nonsense that happened in our Parliament. 

The NDP's dangerous and irresponsible motion rewards lawlessness and undermines rule of law. 

Audiences in the US, in Europe, and in Israel are paying attention - hear for yourself below:

Listen Here

Working Hard in Ottawa

The carbon tax - what a cruel April Fool's Day joke on Canadians. 

Watch my questions to the Liberal Minister of Inflation:

Click to Watch

Watch this pathetic non-answer on banning IRGC terrorists. 

Conservatives will list the IRGC because this morally bankrupt Prime Minister won't.

Click to Watch

In Ottawa, I formally paid tribute to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Caroline, Ben, Mark, and Nic – thank you for sharing your father with our country. His memory will always be in the hearts of millions of grateful Canadians.

Watch my Speech Here

Have you heard of Liberal Math? 

It's different from the regular math that you and I do every day. Tap the button to learn more:

Click to Watch

Such a pleasure to join Pamela from Crafting for a Cure with their drop-off of $5000 worth of craft kits to the patients at CHEO in Ottawa.

Thank you for the hard work you do so that children can feel safe and positive during their hospital visits. Something as simple as craft bag can change a child’s experience and I’m lucky to be a long time supporter and a forever friend.

Inflation? ⬆
Price of a house? ⬆
Debt? ⬆
Cost of food? ⬆
Not worth the cost. Not worth the tax.

Click to Watch

We questioned the Environment Minister on his very confusing statement - a statement that he first claimed he didn't say, then that he didn't mean, THEN that he meant something entirely different.

"Our government has made the decision to stop investing in new road infrastructure."

Anyone else still confused???

Click to Watch

Kanata-Carleton showed up for Greg Kung - our new Conservative candidate and Ottawa's next MP!

An honour to launch the campaign with my friends and colleagues - both present and future. 

Working Hard Across the GTA

Happy Nowruz!

On Nowruz, we celebrate a new day – looking forward to a better, brighter future and the blessings of faith, family, and community that lie ahead in the coming year.

Thank you to the awesome vendors, volunteers, and the organizers in Richmond Hill for having me at their 23rd year of celebration. 

Congratulations Mat, Oren, and Adam at Kitchen Hub on your grand opening in Vaughan! They’ve brought some awesome food to Maple Longos. Check them out!

Thank you to Canadian Women Against Antisemitism for having me kick off your rally at Queens Park.

As antisemitism and hate continue to surge in our country, it’s important to remember the Canadian values of freedom, democracy and rule of law. We will always stand up for what’s right and continue to call out the politicians who divide us and allow hate in our country to fester out of control.

They don’t even show up.

Lantsman in the News

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Happy Easter!

Yours truly, 

Melissa Lantsman