It's hard to believe that two more weeks have already passed. But here we go. This week, I welcomed CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre to our community. We spoke about our party's vision of a stronger, freer, more prosperous country and I got to show him a couple of the local spots all over the community.

It's hard to believe that two more weeks have already passed. But here we go.


This week, I welcomed CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre to our community. We spoke about our party's vision of a stronger, freer, more prosperous country and I got to show him a couple of the local spots all over the community.


Then, I packed my bags and hit the road to visit British Columbia to listen for calls for change and to spread our positive message to Canadians in the west. One thing is clear - across this country, people are hurting and they're ready for change after 8 long years of Justin Trudeau.


In between, I met some amazing people in Thornhill and across the GTA and even made some headlines.


That and lots more below. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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Working for you in Thornhill

I'm honoured to serve the best community in Canada and I was proud to show a little bit of it to CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre.

Our neighbours told us what people across the country are telling us: Stop raising taxes. Stop the frivolous spending. Start working for everyday Canadians. Protect our communities from repeat offenders.

We'll get the job done.

Thanks to the Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughan and His Excellency Consul General Orontes V. Castro for welcoming Pierre Poilievre and our CPC team. Everyone agrees: remove the gatekeepers, cut the red tape, and open the doors of opportunity for anyone who wants to work hard and get ahead.

When my family came to Canada, they worked hard to give us a better life. In Canada, it doesn't matter who you know - it's what you can do. It doesn't matter where you're from - it matters where you're going. That's the Canada we'll restore and the future that we'll build.

This is the story of My Zaidy's Pizza and so many small businesses like it across Canada. Thank you to Uzi and Leora for letting us tell the story and for being there to support us.

Tune in this weekend at - the most listened to station in the Filipino community across Canada.

We talked cost of living, carbon tax, and crime. All worse after 8 years of Trudeau.

The Liberals say that everything in Canada is fine but with record inflation, record home prices, and record debt, we know that things can be much, much better.

I joined our leader and MP Anna Roberts to talk about our plan at a press conference.

I spent an evening with the TMU Tories at their first pub night event! The future of our party is bright. Thank you Jonathan Stathakos and the TMU Tories for having me.

It was an 'all levels of government' kind of night at the Preserve Thornhill Woods Ratepayers Association meeting. Every issue, real conversations, and an engaged community trying to make change. Thanks for having me!

It was a true honour to spend some time talking leadership, perseverance and politics with the bright young minds of the Solomon Leadership Program. Thank you Rabbi Levi Gansburg + Rivky Gansburg and all of the mentors for the warm welcome and the space to be a part of your work.

It was great to have the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence in Thornhill. Caregivers and care providers do critical work taking care of our loved ones - tools like tax credit reform and respite services can help ensure that we have the best possible outcomes across the spectrum. Thanks to Liv Mendelsohn and James Janeiro for their advocacy.

On the Road: Vancouver and Nanaimo, BC

I started my tour out west with a stop in Nanaimo, BC. Got a warm welcome from a few hundred friends, old and new, ready to Bring it Home for Canada.

Thanks to all of our hardworking volunteers in Nanaimo-Ladysmith & the Nanaimo Fish and Game Club for the generous support and excitement!

A raw and emotional roundtable with downtown Nanaimo businesses facing a sharp increase in crime, overdoses, and a mental health epidemic. We spoke about solutions and got their take on what's actually happening on the streets. Thank you for informing a better way forward for businesses, residents, and our communities.

Thanks to the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to meet with local businesses. Even on the other side of the country, everyone is saying the same thing - after 8 years of Justin Trudeau, things are worse but the Liberals say we've never had it so good. The government has stopped listening to people, businesses, and communities. ⬆️ Crime. ⬆️ Cost of living ⬆️ Labour shortages.

I also met with the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association. When Justin Trudeau tried to ban hunting rifles used in many Canadians' way of life, Canadians made their voices heard – and the Liberals backed down. In the coming weeks, the Liberals and the NDP will attempt to pass a new amendment with the same objective as the old one, to ban firearms used by law-abiding Canadians for hunting and sport shooting. This was only a temporary pause on their ultimate goal. Make no mistake, this isn’t over. This group knows it.

Thank you to the Vancouver JCC for the tour and the community roundtable. Excited to hear about the new redevelopment plan to meet the growing needs of the Vancouver Jewish community and beyond. Some tough conversations about antisemitism, affordability and aging. Some real solutions we can implement in 🇨🇦.

A community roundtable with some of Vancouver’s most engaged Jewish community change-makers.

1.5 million Canadians used a food bank in a single month in Canada. Here’s one answer through the generous support of donors and the community — the JFS Kitchen was born. They are building a more food secure community - community garden + life-skills classes + in-house kitchen + support counselling. This shouldn’t exist in 🇨🇦. Thank G-D it does.

Lantsman in the News

In this week's Globe and Mail. When my parents came to Canada over 40 years ago, they never dreamed that their daughter would be profiled in Canada's newspaper of record. That's the country full of opportunities that I'm fighting to build for everyone. Have a read:

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