It's been a busy two weeks on Parliament Hill, especially with new allegations that the Communist Party in Beijing harassed and intimidated a Conservative MP. 

It's been a busy two weeks on Parliament Hill, especially with new allegations that the Communist Party in Beijing harassed and intimidated a Conservative MP. 


Even worse - there's evidence that Justin Trudeau knew about it and failed to take any action. 


Incompetence or negligence of this magnitude is not only unthinkable, but it's also dangerous. 


I'll keep asking the tough questions, and I'll make sure that all Canadians know about this debacle.


I'm also keeping the pressure on the government on exactly what I'm hearing from you. The cost of living across the country is out of control, affordable housing is out of reach, and our economy is on the wrong track. 


Canada's Conservatives have a plan to bring it home - bring home safe elections, bring home lower prices, and bring homes that people can actually afford. 



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🚨Trudeau's Censorship Bill Now Law🚨

Did you hear? 

Bill C-11 will control what you see and read on the internet and it's now law. 

Conservatives will repeal this authoritarian piece of legislation when we form government - help us get there:

Working Hard in Ottawa

When governing gets tough, Trudeau takes a trip. The Prime Minister isn't working, and neither is his government. Will they ever come to their senses on their own incompetence?

Get 👏 housing 👏 built 👏, or get out of the way. 

That's what Conservatives are fighting for, and that's what we'll deliver. Watch the full speech here: 

The Liberal government failed to tell a Canadian MP that his family was being threatened by a foreign diplomat. Then they had the audacity to try and put the blame on the MP. And now they've failed to take action or even apologize. Gutless. 

The Liberals voted against a foreign registry, against a national public inquiry, and still have not shut down the illegal police stations operating in Canada. Why don't they care about protecting Canadians?

Higher prices ✅

Doubled rent ✅

Doubled mortgage payments ✅

This will be the legacy of the Liberal Housing Minister, who has spent more money only to get higher prices and worse results. Remove the gatekeepers and bring back affordable housing. 

Productive meeting with the CCSPA - including some members located in Vaughan. We talked cutting red tape, insane regulations, and challenges to competitiveness. It’s clear industry isn’t part of the conversation anymore - that much will change.

Quick meeting with Pierre Poilievre and an engaged group of CJPAC’s High School Student Leaders at their conference in Ottawa. After witnessing Question Period, they had the chance to ask us some clever questions of their own. Always a pleasure to meet with 🇨🇦's next gen. 

Working Hard in Thornhill

Out of tragedy, the Vietnamese community found success, prosperity, and freedom in Canada. I’m so thankful to have been able to help commemorate the Journey to Freedom Day here in Vaughan for the very first time. 

Thank you to the Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism for your crucial work and advocacy during what can only be described as a crisis. We need to fix what is broken, put a stop to the senseless hate and violence, and turn the hurt into hope. 

Celebrated the grand opening of the NEW Fruit of the Land in Promenade Mall. Always great to see the success of local businesses - especially with farm-fresh Ontario-grown products and those special items from the best Israel has to offer.

Working Hard Across Canada

I heard from a room full of Kanata’s entrepreneurs, small business owners and hardworking people whose potential is being crushed by the Liberal government's out of control inflation and punishing carbon tax. Things aren't going to get better until we have a government that works for people - with a strong conservative MP in Kanata-Carleton.

I joined my friend and colleague MP Jake Stewart in his home province of New Brunswick. Everyone we talk to can’t afford Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Out of control inflation created by his own deficits, his vacations, his carbon tax scam and his woke anti-resource development agenda. We’ve got a plan to put NB back in charge of their futures and we’re sharing that far and wide.

Jake Stewart and I met with both the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and the Moncton Chamber. As New Brunswick’s Voices for Business, they know that out-of-control spending is hurting businesses, consumers and 🇨🇦’s potential. Their input into our plan is going to put NB back at the table.

I met with Conservatives from Prince Edward Island. The thing that I hear again and again is how committed our grassroots are to defeating Justin Trudeau and I know with rooms like these, we can bring common sense back to Ottawa. You don’t need to be one of Justin Trudeau’s friends to get ahead. Everyone here has had enough. 

Lantsman in the News

Liberal Party Convention in Ottawa

The Liberal Party Convention took place in Ottawa, and it went about as well as you'd expect. Here's what they voted to declare:   

❌ to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. 

❌ to balanced budgets. 

❌ to affordable homes. 

That's what the Liberal Party really believes - they're saying the quiet part out loud now. 

That's just a taste of what's been happening in my world. I want to hear what's happening in yours too - email me personally at any time at [email protected].


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