As the weather begins to get warmer, I’m continuing to turn up the heat here on Parliament Hill, working for you to hold the government to account.


As the weather begins to get warmer, I’m continuing to turn up the heat here on Parliament Hill, working for you to hold the government to account.

As Shadow Minister for Transportation, I’ve been hearing a lot about long lines at airports and ridiculous wait times for essential documents like passports. While the Transportation Ministry would like to blame out-of-practice travelers or global factors, I’ve been listening to industry stakeholders, and they all say the same thing: the government’s travel mandates are making travel much more complicated.

To this end, I introduced a motion in the House of Commons that would require the government to return to pre-Covid travel rules and service standards. It’s high time that we get this country moving again, and scrapping mandates and restrictions is the best way to simplify travel. Not only will easier travel help our struggling small businesses and tourism sector, but it will also make life much more convenient for travelers like you.

Take a look for yourself:

I’ve heard from many constituents in Thornhill who are concerned about rising crime in the GTA. It seems like nobody, not even Toronto Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner, is immune. The Liberal Party’s Bill C-5 makes violent crimes easier by reducing penalties for heinous offences like robbery with a firearm. I know that now is not the time to be soft on crime. We must always protect victims of crime over violent offenders.

I spent last week in Thornhill meeting with many constituents and stakeholders including Sterling Industries, the Vaughan Firefighters, and Kubota Canada about how I can best support them in Ottawa. Listening to you is my most important job. I will continue to grill the Liberals on inflation, the cost of living, and supply chains.

Here are some updates from the last couple of weeks on the job. 

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Since the govt. won’t give us a clear answer, hear what the industry had to say about the ineffective and redundant travel restrictions. They all agreed - these restrictions have to go. Stay tuned. The government can do the right thing on Monday and support my motion to End The Mandates once and for all.


M.P. Lantsman Leads Opposition


in the House of Commons



I presented a motion in the House of Commons that calls on the government to immediately revert to pre-pandemic rules and service levels for travel.


It’s time for the government to apologize to all the travelers who have missed flights thanks to their incompetence.



Our airports have a problem that can be fixed by bringing back staff, stopping the testing, and ending the restrictions. Instead, the Transport Minister is doing nothing except blaming the delays on Canadians for being out of practice.

Experts are telling the government to follow the example of countries like the USA and finally drop the travel restrictions – why aren’t they listening?

Instead of taking responsibility for the Liberal government’s failures leading to the current chaos at Canadian airports, the Minister of Transportation said that the delays are Canadians’ fault for forgetting how to travel. Are Canadians “out of practice," or are the Liberals out of touch?

House prices are rising while Canada’s incomes are falling. Watch me ask the government about our housing crisis to see their typical response – they just don’t care.

If the government thinks that housing prices are affordable in Canada, they are living in a fantasy land. The numbers don’t lie, and the Liberals don’t care.

Melissa on the John Moore Morning



The reckless and violent display of fireworks this weekend at Toronto beach was unacceptable, and the culprits will soon find out that there are very real consequences when you endanger the public.


Experts have said loud and clear: the travel restrictions have to go. And yet, the Liberal government is holding onto these outdated restrictions for no clear reason. Tune in to hear who the Liberals are blaming for these airport fiascos.

Melissa in Thornhill

I was proud to award and congratulate members of Canadian Youth Champions for their exemplary service to the community.

Meeting with constituents is one of my favourite parts of my job. Last week, I met with Bill at a local pharmacy. #ConstituentDiaries

I also met with the Ratepayers’ Association of Concord West heard their concerns about rising taxes, government spending, and cost of living.


Happy Victoria Day, Thornhill! I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend with your family and friends.

I hope you also celebrated what makes you happy, Thornhill. Happy Lag B’Omer.

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