The last two weeks brought more of the same from Liberals in Ottawa:


The last two weeks brought more of the same from Liberals in Ottawa:


- all talk and no action to stand up to Iran

- more taxpayer dollars supporting antisemitism in Canada

- higher taxes and higher government spending


More of the same is simply not good enough for the many people being left behind.


It's time to do better - and Conservatives will deliver that.


Here are my updates from the last two weeks on the job:

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Lest we Forget

We owe a debt of gratitude to Canadian Forces Members and Veterans for their sacrifices on behalf of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

This Remembrance Day, please join me in thanking all who serve and have served.

Liberal Antisemitism Continues

First Laith Marouf. And now this.

Meshwar and Adbusters openly publish antisemitic hate in Canada, yet the Liberals thought it would be OK to give them nearly $30,000.
We have an antisemitism problem in our country, and either the Liberals are oblivious to it, or they don’t care about it. Neither is acceptable.

Watch my statement in the House:


I get to meet with members of the Iranian community in my office often - those who come to express their thanks for the work so many Conservatives are doing to stand up to brutal regime in Iran and push our government to act. Here’s a couple of fighters who told me it’s time to list the IRGC as a terrorist organization. I agree.

And last week, my motion expressing Canada's support for the removal of Iran from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women passed unanimously.

November is Women's Abuse Prevention Month. The Assaulted Women’s Helpline is a 24/7 telephone crisis line available to all in need. Connect with AWHL today at 1-866-863-0511 or online at

Working for you in our Community

With 80 volunteers and hundreds of newcomers rolling through the Community Marketplace UJA Genesis has outdone themselves, again.
Thank you to JRCC, JIAS Toronto, and JFCS for helping these new Canadians find a soft landing in our community with clothes, employment, language services and the love of our community.

It was great to join the Rajasthan Association of North America at their Diwali and awards gala. Congratulations on a beautiful event and to the impressive slate of winners! They’ve been actively involved in National Diwali celebrations on Parliament Hill Ottawa from the beginning - nice be at theirs, finally.

I joined my friend and CPC Finance Critic Jasraj Hallan on a tour across Ontario, spreading our team's vision for the future.

From Brampton to Cambridge, Mississauga to Thornhill, we heard one thing: people are ready for a change.

The excitement about Pierre Poilievre is hard to ignore. Tuesday, I was hosted by our Conservative family in midtown Toronto and the message to me was clear: 40-year high JustinFlation is making life expensive for people all over this city. I promise with your help Conservatives will stop inflationary tax hikes and cap spending so people can take back control of their lives.

I had a great discussion with Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce President Arvind Bhardwaj about the untapped opportunity in bilateral trade and business between Canada and India. 🇨🇦 🇮🇳

We had a full house for some pints🍺 and politics in Burlington!
Great to see old friends, new friends and so many who have never been involved at all. Welcome to our family.
Seven years of Justin Trudeau’s policies have sent drugs and crime soaring, put homeownership out of reach, and punished Canadians who want to work hard and get ahead.

Ottawa only talks to Ottawa and that doesn’t serve our community.
With the help of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce I co-hosted a roundtable of industry experts in housing, infrastructure, utilities, manufacturing, and more to discuss our lagging economic growth. We talked real solutions on labour, immigration, burdensome regulations, and the cost of approvals.
With 40-year highs in inflation and low productivity, getting solutions from the experts should be our top priority.

At the House of Commons

The Liberals have proven themselves wrong time and time again when it comes to our economy. Canadians are hurting financially - would you rather the government keep their ideological carbon tax, or finally cancel the tax hikes that are going to come out of your wallet?

The Liberals are out of touch, and Canadians are out of money. When will the government just stop the waste?

The government's new economic update proves that they're all dollars and no sense. Their irresponsible spending is hurting Canadians with no end in sight. Why won't they stop the hypocrisy and put in the work to make life more affordable?

Lantsman in the News

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