The last two weeks in Ottawa have been dominated by Justin Trudeau's humiliating climb-down on his carbon tax.


Latest from Lantsman - November 10, 2023


The last two weeks in Ottawa have been dominated by Justin Trudeau's humiliating climb-down on his carbon tax. 


It's no coincidence, however, that this climb-down will only help 3% of Canadians - the 3% in the regions where Liberals are polling the worst and panicking the most. 


If they can take the tax off for a selected few Canadians, then they can take it off for everyone. But Liberals voted down our motion this week to axe the carbon tax on all forms of home heating. 


The Liberals have a choice - are they for a carbon tax, or against it? Are they for helping everyone, equally across Canada, or only a certain few? 


I know where Conservatives stand. No gimmicks, no 'freezes'. Just common sense - axe the carbon tax for everyone, everywhere. That's what we believe in, and that's what we'll fight for every single day. 



Melissa Lantsman

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Lest we Forget

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day - a time to reflect and a day to recognize and honour the service of Canadians in uniform, both past and present.

Thank you to the Canadians who have fought and sacrificed so that Canada remains the true North, strong and free. May we continue to show gratitude, not just today but every day. Lest we forget.

Axe the Tax - for all Canadians

Justin Trudeau admitted that the carbon tax makes life more unaffordable when he gave a break to 3% of the country. 

Then - his minister said the quiet part out loud when she suggested Canadians should just "vote Liberal" if they want an exemption too. 

My neighbours in the GTA have a question then. The GTA is the largest concentration of Liberal ridings in Canada. Then why are they still paying a carbon tax? 

Watch me question the minister

I then took the fight to the airwaves - on CPAC and on CTV


We didn't just ask tough questions - we took the initiative. We introduced a motion to take the carbon tax off all home heating here in Canada. Here's my take:

My speech in the House

We brought the pressure to the House and questioned Liberal MPs on our motion - would they stand for their constituents, or would they stand with the Prime Minister?

Watch here

Unfortunately, Liberal MPs from Alberta, from the North, from the GTA, from everywhere - they all caved. They voted to keep the carbon tax and quadruple it after the next election. 


I called out the Liberals in the GTA who, quite frankly, enabled Trudeau's flip-flop and left their constituents in the cold. 


They wouldn't even stand up to defend their vote. If they can't do that - then what are they doing in Ottawa? 

Watch here

Then, back on the airwaves - on CTV and then again on CPAC. We will ensure that Canadians know Liberals sold them out and won't do what it takes to solve the affordability crisis. 

Standing up for Israel

The violent protests, the boycotts, and the targeting of innocent Jewish people are simply unacceptable. I will always stand up for our safety and our religious freedom. Hear more of my comments here.


What can we do? We need greater enforcement of our laws. We need to always support Israel. And we need leaders that will have some courage and stand up for our Canadian principles. 

A press conference nobody should ever have to witness. The families of both hostages and victims of the Hamas atrocities against civilians in Israel shared their stories here on Parliament Hill. They called on federal government to support the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Canada must do more to secure the release of the hostages out of the grips of Hamas to ensure that no regime ever uses human lives of women, children, babies and the elderly as currency. Thank you to those who came to speak— for your strength and bravery in the midst of unimaginable pain.

The rally in Thornhill for the families of the hostages kidnapped in Israel by Hamas terrorists sent a clear message to the government: We must do more to secure their release.

Tough circumstances bringing us together but it was an honour to meet with Israel and Canada’s Special Envoys on Antisemitism Michal Cotler-Wunsh & Deborah Lyons alongside Pierre Poilievre and Shuv Majumdar at the House of Commons.

Thank you - we’re with you in the fight against the undeniable rise in Jew hatred in 🇨🇦 and around the world.

Conservatives hauled the CBC to the Canadian Heritage Committee to have them explain their publishing of biased, anti-Israel reporting. 

But the CBC President refused to apologize in a stunningly arrogant and tone-deaf display. You've gotta watch it for yourself: 

Watch here

We will never never back down from holding the CBC accountable, and when we're elected - they're getting defunded. Plain and simple. 

It's been almost a month since my letter to the Canada’s Public Safety Minister asking him to heighten protection for Jewish communities.

There has been a shocking rise of antisemitism right across the country. Today’s incidents should be the final wake up call he needs.

Again, they condemned the violence. But, nice words will not protect Jewish communities. Time to act.

Working for you in Ottawa

It's now cheaper to buy a European castle than a home in Toronto. After 8 years of Justin Trudeau.

Watch my speech on housing affordability

I welcomed the Canadian Organization for Hindu Heritage Education into the House of Commons on the first day of Hindu Heritage Month. As Canada is home to more than 800,000 Hindus, we see the blessings of their values of peace and harmony from Hinduism every day.


I also stood in the House of Commons to present a petition signed by over 25,000, which would allow Hindu-Canadians to live here in peace, safety, and security like they were promised. Thank you to everyone who signed this petition - we will make sure the government answers.

Watch here

The Liberals continue to miss their environmental targets with their failed tax plan that is punishing Canadians. Why do they keep pretending it's working when everyone can see that it isn't?

Stop blocking clean energy projects - start there.

Watch here

Lantsman in the News

Read here

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That's just a taste of what's been in the past two weeks. I'll be sure to follow up with more updates as the situation unfolds. Know that I'll continue to work hard for you and stand up for justice. 


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