Reflecting on a truly meaningful two weeks as I touch down on Canadian soil back from a short trip to Israel. I am inspired by the resiliency of a nation fighting for its security and its very existence. I had one message for our allies in Israel: Canada's Conservatives stand with them 100%. 


Latest from Lantsman - November 24, 2023


Reflecting on a truly meaningful two weeks as I touch down on Canadian soil back from a short trip to Israel. 


I am inspired by the resiliency of a nation fighting for its security and its very existence. I had one message for our allies in Israel: Canada's Conservatives stand with them 100%. 


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My Trip to Israel

Upon arrival. A familiar hallway, adorned with the photos of those still being held hostage. 

This photo sums up everything that's changed in Israel since October 7th. The country is somehow still the same yet very, very different. 

It's the same because we witnessed that familiar sense of solidarity and resolve in an environment that many of us know well. But different because everyone knows that Israel's fundamental state of existence has changed in just one month. 

My Conservative colleagues and I, alongside others of different political stripes, travelled to Israel to bear witness and express solidarity with our friend and ally. 

I'm proud to have represented Canada on the world stage and to have been able to do my small part to help Israel when it's needed most. 

It's an immense honour to travel to any country as a representative of Canada, but it was particularly special to travel to Israel, a nation that's so close to my heart. 

My resolve is deepened to do whatever I can to support this beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, against the tyranny of lawlessness and terror. 

I know I will return soon. In peace or in war. Through fire and water. I will always be there for Israel.  🇨🇦🇮🇱


Have a listen to my initial thoughts from the trip here.

Fighting Hate and Terror in Canada

I joined Pierre Poilievre and Roman Baber to announce our common-sense Conservative plan to protect Canadians from the rise of hate and terror in our streets. 

  • Ban the IRGC and other terror groups that operate freely in Canada. Today.
  • Establish a Foreign Agent Registry. Today.
  • Evaluate Canada’s threat assessment in light of the UK’s recent change in Canada’s threat level.
  • Kill the red tape in our security infrastructure program so that our institutions can access the funds to keep them safe.
  • Get a task force together so that all levels of government are actually working together.

Nobody in Canada should feel unsafe in their communities, but in Justin Trudeau’s Canada - they do.

We’ll fix it.

My Conservative colleague Marty Morantz launched Project #BringThemHome to advocate for the return of all innocent hostages taken by Hamas. I've chosen to sponsor Emma and Yuli, three-year-old Israeli babies.

While the new agreement is promising, we want to see every single human being, including Emma and Yuli, returned to their families. 

Grateful for the to opportunity to meet with Rabbis in Vancouver on the threats we are all facing with rising antisemitism out west and across the country. Thankful for the strength and leadership of the community here and their Rabbis offering hope and light in such dark times.

Thanks Thornhill for coming out to share your concerns and ask questions. Thanks to Michael and Aubry from B'nai Brith, YRP Chief McSween and his team + Solicitor General Kerzner for sharing the stage and proving an update.

Lots of concern and much more the federal government should and could do across the country.

Inspiring to see thousands of community members and allies come together and demand the release of hostages and support Canada's Jewish community.

We have a message: we will not be intimidated by hatred. We demand action, not just words, from our leaders.

Joined the Alliance of Iranian-Canadians to honour the life of Mehdi Amin as we work to continue his legacy & the call for a Free Iran.

List the IRGC, expel the terrorists, stand up for the safety of Canadians and for the victims of PS752. The Liberal government still hasn't acted on any of this. We will keep up the pressure until they do the right thing or we will do it when they are gone.

The Liberal Fall Economic Statement

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland dropped her Fall Economic Statement this week, doubling down on her plan to radically increase the carbon tax and continue spending way beyond our means. 

Conservatives had three demands for this statement: 

  • Cancel Liberal plans to quadruple the carbon tax.
  • Announce a plan and date to balance the budget to bring down inflation and interest rates.
  • Build homes, not bureaucracy.


None of our demands were addressed, so we will be voting non-confidence in this economic statement and in this Liberal government. 

I joined CTV's Question Period to discuss our plan to get Canada back on track and scrap the Carbon Tax once and for all. 

Watch Here

And, I also got in on the action in the *other* Question Period. 

Only Conservatives will axe the Carbon Tax completely. No carve-outs, no gimmicks - it's 100% gone as soon as we get to 24 Sussex. 

Watch Here

Around Thornhill

Honoured to lay a wreath for Remembrance Day in Richmond Hill.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

Thank you to the Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 375. Thank to those who fought for our freedom today and every day.

Happy Diwali 🪔 🎊 Loved celebrating the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Thank you to everyone at the Moksha Canada Foundation for your work in bringing unity to North York and to 🇨🇦. 

Thank you to Amica Thornhill for having me by for your 15 year anniversary celebration. Loved the chance to stop by and appreciate getting so much wisdom from your residents. Thank you for your care and your work in our community.

Lantsman in the News

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That's just a taste of what's been in the past two weeks. I'll be sure to follow up with more updates as the situation unfolds. Know that I'll continue to work hard for you and stand up for justice. 


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