After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life costs more and work doesn’t pay. Housing costs have doubled. Crime, chaos, drugs, and disorder are now common in our streets.


Latest from Lantsman - October 27, 2023


After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life costs more and work doesn’t pay. Housing costs have doubled. Crime, chaos, drugs, and disorder are now common in our streets.


But the good news is -- life wasn't like this before Trudeau, and it won't be like this after he is gone. We're going to turn the hurt that he has caused into the hope that Canadians need.


We’ll do it by making common sense common again. Conservatives will bring home lower prices. Our common sense plan will keep the heat on Trudeau, and axe his carbon tax to lower gas, heat, and grocery bills.


I’ve been fighting for that in Ottawa and across the country.


Closer to home, as the we watch the scenes unfolding around us, I know that the last two weeks were difficult for many in Thornhill and across communities in Canada. 


The deliberate targeting of Jewish-owned businesses, Jewish schools, and innocent Jewish Canadians should disgust all decent Canadians. Furthermore, Justin Trudeau's unwillingness to call out blatant Hamas propaganda and stand with our allies is deeply troubling. 


I will keep fighting until we have safety in our streets and competence in our government. You can watch my statement in the House by clicking the link. 


As the calls for proportionality and de-escalation grow louder, our team will not waver.



Melissa Lantsman

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Working for you in Ottawa

Following the acts of carnage against Israelis, against Palestinians, and against western democracy, we reconfirm our commitment to Israel and its right to defend itself.

We call on the federal government: Criminalize the IRGC. Protect communities. Bring Canadians home. And never waver.

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The CBC told its reporters not to call Hamas what they are: a listed criminal terrorist organization in Canada.

We called on the Liberal-NDP government to summon CBC executives to committee to explain why opinion masquerades as fact over there. They shut down the meeting instead.

Watch Here

Met with Israeli Ambassador H.E Iddo Moed.

We talked about the brutal Hamas terror attack on Israel.

We talked about protecting innocent civilian lives, the release of hostages and the safe exit of foreign nationals in Gaza.

We talked about the continued threat that #IRGC terrorists pose to Israel, the region and to Canada as well as the growing hateful threats we’re witnessing here to businesses, Jewish schools and places of worship.

I reiterated that we stand with Israel, support its obligation to defend itself & eliminate Hamas as a threat.

After 8 years of this government, struggling Canadians know the Liberals just aren’t worth the cost. The finance minister’s ballooning deficits keep increasing interest rates and she is nowhere to be found.

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Spent some time at the Antisemitism: Face it, Fight It Conference, meeting with high school students from the GTA, community leaders who came to the House, and so many more who said thank you.

The more Justin Trudeau spends, the more Canadians hurt to pay their mortgages. Surely even the members of the Liberal party must see it by now - the Prime Minister just isn't worth the cost.

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When NDP MPs are not busy covering up for the Prime Minister’s scandals, they are busy defending antisemites.

We will call them out every single time.

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After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, it's the same story - Liberal insiders get rich while Canadians go hungry. They gave millions to companies who did no work on the ArriveScam App while almost 2 million Canadians used a food bank in a single month.

Canadians trying to put food on the table know - the Liberal-NDP government is not worth the cost — or the corruption.

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Working for you in Thornhill and Beyond

Stopped by the Pleasant Ridge Library this week to spend some time at story time for Canadian Library Month. 

Even in what can be uncertain and difficult times, we could all learn something from the imaginations of our littlest neighbours.

They have a great thing going at Vaughan Public Libraries, with great programs and community spaces run by an amazing team of professionals who serve the entire community with heart. 

Judged a VERY important competition: Not just any costume contest🐶

Had a great time meeting some furry friends in our community today. Thanks to our Ward 4 Vaughan City Councillor Chris Ainsworth for hosting. 

Pet food up 25% in a single year. Conservatives will bring down grocery prices for your WHOLE family by scrapping the carbon tax and Trudeau’s inflationary deficits.

Dina is a Thornhill entrepreneur with a successful business offering affordable couture options for brides. This is what it looks like when you combine passion with dedication. Conservatives will bring back common sense so that Dina can keep more of what she works hard for.

Huge thanks to the organizers from both EDAs of Oakville and Oakville North - Burlington who brought us together.

An even bigger thanks to all the participants who made this event a resounding success. Empowering women in politics is key to creating a better future.

Had a great evening with my colleagues Anna Roberts, Senator Salma Ataullahjan and Larry Brock alongside the many devoted volunteers and activists.

Lantsman in the News

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That's just a taste of what's been in the past two weeks. I'll be sure to follow up with more updates as the situation unfolds. Know that I'll continue to work hard for you and stand up for justice. 


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