Happy September! Soon, the leaves will be turning colour, the air will be getting cooler, the kids will be back in school, and Parliament will resume. 



Latest from Lantsman - September 1, 2023


Happy September! 


Soon, the leaves will be turning colour, the air will be getting cooler, the kids will be back in school, and Parliament will resume. 


But first, delegates from Thornhill and I will be heading to Quebec City for the Conservative National Convention. We'll be joining friends from across the country to discuss common-sense policies to help Canadians and to celebrate one year of Pierre Poilievre's leadership. 


I'm looking forward to meeting many passionate Conservatives and spending time with my colleagues. If you happen to be going too - please come say hi when we're there! 


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At the Doors in Thornhill with our Amazing Volunteers

A huge shoutout to our amazing volunteers who hit the streets of Thornhill with us to connect with our community.

Hearing your thoughts, concerns, and hopes at the doors helps us serve you better.

Canadians are hurting - they know there is a better way. Conservatives will end the inflationary spending and bring home a Canada that you can afford to live in once again.

If you want to join us next time - click the button below!


Back-to-School is coming - but not like it used to

In 2015, most families could afford the necessities of life - gas, groceries, home heating, and yes, back-to-school supplies. 

But after 8 years of Justin Trudeau, that's all changed. His endless taxes, deficits, and interest rate hikes mean that everyday essentials are more like luxuries. 

Enough. Conservatives will axe the tax, balance the budget, and reduce the size of government to leave you with more in your pocket. 

Our #FreeIran Town Hall

I want to thank everyone who joined us at our #FreeIran town hall in Richmond Hill.

After nearly a year, the heart of the revolution beats strong and Conservatives remain steadfast in support of you. After years of Liberals dragging their feet, the IRGC is still not considered a terrorist organization in Canada. A Pierre Poilievre led government will change that.

In British Columbia

I hit the west coast, where I met with more people ready for change. Whether I'm in BC, Ontario, Atlantic Canada, or up North, everyone agrees that it's time for common sense, and time for a Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre.

While wildfires and other natural disasters meant that I wasn't able to complete the full tour this time - I'm looking forward to visiting the BC Interior and Vancouver Island very soon. 

I joined the Hindu community in Surrey at Lakshmi Narayan Mandir. Recently vandalized - I witnessed a community, united, strong & standing against acts of hatred. No one should face discrimination in their place of worship.

The Vancouver Police Department showed me around, introduced me to the officers and staff, and outlined the important work they're doing to keep Vancouver safe.

By serving with integrity, compassion, and accountability, they are making our country a safer - and better - place.
Liberal catch-and-release bail policies have failed to keep Canadians safe - Conservatives will reform our broken bail system to ensure that dangerous repeat violent offenders do not end up on the streets.

It was great to meet with members of the Taiwanese community. They know just how important it is to protect democracies and what’s on the line. Canada must continue to stand by Taiwan and stand with members of the Taiwanese community, here and abroad.

Delta, BC is ready for change! 

Thank you to Kerry-Lynne D Findlay for hosting and to everyone who came out.

It doesn’t matter where in Canada you live - Canadians are feeling the devastating impacts on their everyday lives after 8 years of Trudeau’s spending, division and incompetence. 

That's just a taste of what's been happening in my world. I want to hear what's happening in yours too - email me personally at any time at [email protected].


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