It's been a tough two weeks in Ottawa. By now, many of you have heard about what happened last Friday - a Nazi welcomed and celebrated in Parliament. 


Latest from Lantsman - September 29, 2023


It's been a tough two weeks in Ottawa. 


By now, many of you have heard about what happened last Friday - a Nazi welcomed and celebrated in Parliament. 


While the Speaker got thrown under the bus, it's Justin Trudeau who's responsible. The information about this monster was easily available on the Internet. The Liberals are either incompetent, or they didn't care. 


Our reputation abroad is ruined. Our allies are embarrassed. Canadians of all stripes are humiliated, disappointed, and downright angry. 


Trudeau denied all accountability. He went into hiding at his cottage. Then he instructed his lieutenants in Parliament to try and strike what happened from the record. 


Let me be clear -- we will not let this shame go unfixed. We'll continue to ask the hard questions in Ottawa. And we'll get to the bottom of what happened. 



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Time for Accountability in Parliament

A Nazi. Invited to the House of Commons. Welcomed and celebrated as a hero.

Justin Trudeau needs to take responsibility and apologize to the Canadians, our allies and to the all of the victims of the Holocaust and their families. He has again dishonoured them and blames everyone else. Absolutely shameful.


Our country's reputation has been clouded by the celebration of a Nazi in our Parliament. But the Prime Minister only blames everyone else and refuses to take accountability. If he won't speak up for Canada, it's time that Canadians have a Prime Minister who will.


You gotta watch Trudeau's response to this question.

He comes home from the cottage and tells Canadians that we should all learn from this. That's his biggest takeaway? Seriously?


Working Hard in Ottawa

It's high time to protect Canadians who are used by hostile foreign states as pawns in diplomacy.

I introduced my first Private Member's Bill last week. Have a look:


After 8 years of this Liberal government housing is worse than ever and worse than anywhere. Why are the Liberals and NDP the only ones who can’t see this? Will the Liberals commit to ending their inflationary deficits so Canadians can afford to stay in their homes?


Hundreds of you have written in with your concerns on the Liberal government’s new proposed complicated and costly Liberal regulation Natural Health Products, and we are listening. Conservatives will eliminate unnecessary regulations and cut the red tape to ensure that Canadians can choose the health care products that are best for them.

Eight years ago, the Liberals promised that they would remove the GST from new rental housing. Six years ago, they broke that promise.

They put the minister who lost track of a million people in charge of housing —and after catching wind of the common sense Conservative plan to axe the housing tax, they have flip flopped yet again to try and take credit.


The Liberals want you to believe that crime has not gotten any worse and that you have nothing to worry about.

Violent crime has risen since this government implemented its catch and release policies. Now they don’t even have the gall to actually fix what they broke. A Conservative government will bring back common sense policies to restore safe streets in our communities.


Honoured to speak at the swearing-in of my good friend Shuv Majumdar, the newest Member of Parliament for Calgary-Heritage.

So happy to welcome you to our team to make Pierre Poilievre the next Prime Minister of Canada. Mazel Tov my friend 👏

Shuv and I then joined a rally with the families of the victims of Flight PS752. We will not stop calling on the government to take action and list the IRGC, and we will not stop fighting until there is a free Iran and safety for the Iranian community living in Canada.

It's time for the people inside the Parliament Building to listen to those living in fear of the IRGC regime. For women, for life, for freedom.

Working Hard Across the GTA

I spoke to Pierre Poilievre in Toronto in front of a crowd of hundreds of female business leaders to discuss our reputation on world stage, our economy, crime, and how we’re going to fix a broken 🇨🇦.

No doubt the GTA is ready for change.

Inspired by the celebration of Ganesh with the Hindu community. We have a lot of work to do in Canada to turn things around and fight for affordable homes, safe streets and temples, and a better life for the next generation.

Every Canadian deserves to live without fear in our country. The hateful targeting of Hindus in Canada has no place in our discourse. You have a home in Canada and a home in the Conservative Party.

Had the most an amazing celebrating at the Navratri festival in Whitby. We hear you.

Check out my petition against Hinduphobia - link is in my profile.

Lantsman in the News



Joined the John Oakley Show to talk about our Prime Minister who continues to blame others for one of the biggest international embarrassments this country has experienced. He lets everyone else take the fail for his failures. He’s hiding. Tune in here for more.


A tax on Canadian grocers is the perfect policy if the goal is to have more expensive food.

These guys can do one thing to lower food prices. Axe the carbon tax. Yesterday.


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